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Ideas Needed Living Room Wall Facing Main Door

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Dear all,

Have met up with alot of IDs and yet to come to a good conclusion on how to fully utilise the space in the first part of the living room and the wall facing the main door.

What should be done to the wall facing the main door?


Was actually thinking of hanging a collage of photo frames feat. family photos, however FSM advised against it.

Will like it to be a focal point when we open the door.

Currently the deco is a low tv console to display some ornaments. On the left hand side is a display cabinet.

However, we do not have enough ornaments or display items to display. the above layout currently used doesn't seem applicable to us.

Any ideas please?

Greatly appreciated.

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A very personal choice decision-making.....no point look for so many IDs, the ideas have to come your owner, else a 'home' is not a 'home'.

IF I WERE YOU, and if situations allowed, I'll make a 'live plant wall' as east window draws in sunlight (hope window not blocked).

Anyway, you need knowledge/skill/experience in maintaining on-going, proper drainage .....assure you...very 'fulfilling'...

You'll never get 'tired' of this wall....



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Wow! looks very high maintenance in terms of time and effort but really very cool

if i do it, i'm sure it will cool my living hall alot as my hall tends to absorb the sun and feel like a heated oven when i come home at night


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For us, we also have a wall facing the main door and we just used that wall for shoes cabinet.

Something like this, the main door is the one at right corner :




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