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  1. same with the threadstarter case here... since u opted and paid deposit... u can sue/claim back what u have paid + compensation for time loss etc etc
  2. came across 2 contractors... when I check with hdb... cant find their names.. does this mean they cannot do any reno? apparently its an offence under the guidelines.. can be fined up to 5k
  3. cheaper to get individual but u need to coordinate well... and know the process.. hack follow by electrical etc etc..
  4. those things u don't want just ask them to remove... aircon/fan are fixtures which are hard to remove.. think he meant the refrigerate has ran out... u can refill that or if u buying new one den ask them remove... furniture no prob la jus ask town council remove for free... everything mus be cleared before handing over keys
  5. very nice bricks... how much approximate for this kinda area w installation? thanks
  6. hi jasmine where did u buyt the digital peephole door viewer? how do u install? contractor? which shipping freight did u use? tks
  7. 1] to supply ;abour ,tool,transport to hack off kitchen wall tile/ floor tile/existing cabinet & disposal off site. S$ 1,400.00 --- normal 2]to install wall tile for area approx 400 sqft. S$ 3,800.00 --- price of tiles u can choose? seems ex 3] to install kitchen with floor tile/with water proofing.. S$ 1,400.00 --- seems normal... duno the size 4] to construct washing basin stand with tile finish, S$ 1,100.00 --- no exp no comment 5] plumber work ; a] to supply labour only connect new basin with supply water / drain pipe. S$ 180.00 --- normal ba b] to touch up existing water piping. S$ 150.00 --- touch up wat? painting? remove rust? 6] to re- install electrical power point. S$ 350.00 --- what pt is this? 13amp socket? 7] to construct cement cabinet base. S$ 500.00 --- no idea whats this
  8. hi jasmine did u buy the basin from tb? if not how did it sit nicely onto the cabinet below? thanks
  9. was quoted $3550 w skirting vinyl laminated flooring (water proof) for abt 540sq area... is it expensive?
  10. home and decor magazine June Issue.. http://www.homeanddecor.com.sg/magazine click on june issue and see