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  1. HDB permit is required only if the renovation include wall hacking. We submit application for HDB permit to our ID before renovation started. However HDB did not issue the permit as we did not hack any walls for the renovation.
  2. Hi Ryan, your home looks really nice! Just read through your blog and saw that u install regulator for your fan. Did the electrician hack and conceal the wiring for regulator? I want to install regulator instead of using remote control but was informed by the ID that there will be ugly exposed trunking from the regulator to the ceiling fan, and nowadays noone will do that to their home.
  3. Hi andotang, can I have the contact for the Curtain guy? Is $200 the charges for the heavy duty track + installation for your Living Room windows?
  4. Hi d3n, I saw that you purchased the peephole viewer from Taobao. Did you install it yourself? How to remove the existing peephole provided in the BTO flat? Thanks.
  5. I like your kitchen cabinets. The quality looks very good. Can u share the contact and quotations for your carpentry? Btw are u going to box up the gas pipe?