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Electrical Quotation For 4-Room Bto

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On 7/17/2014 at 9:23 AM, kelvintan said:


I just got my keys to my unit and we're anxious about getting it renovated. However, i've always heard scary stories about overcharging and poor workmanship etc... It doesn't make it better to have spoken to 2 contractors and i could sense that they were more about fleecing me off, hence i decided to get piecemeal quotations on my own to validate the price. I'm on renovation loan like many of us, so i hope i'm paying the right price for it.

Help me, let me know if the pricing i'm getting is reasonable! I don't want to pay too low and get slipshod work too.

1. Lighting Points - $30 ea
2. Single Socket - $45 ea
3. Double Socket - $55 ea
4. Instant Heater Installation - $50

5. Hood/Hob/Oven Point - $80 ea

6. Telephone Point - $50 ea

7. SCV Point - $90 ea

8. SCV/Data/Power Loose Wire Extension for TV Console - $30 ea

9. Data Point - $90 ea

10. Downlight Installation - $10 ea

11. Ceiling Light Installation - $20 ea

12. Wall Fan Installation - $20 ea

13. Ceiling Fan Installation - $25 ea

Hope to have your advice!

Hi Kelvin can you pm the contact?? 



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Help! My contractor's quotation for electrical work is higher than normal. If you have any electrician contact, i will be grateful if you share with me via PM. Thanks!

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On Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 1:08 PM, Ananth83 said:

Hi Kelvin, Could you guys PM me contact for the electrician?

Can contact us @ 6834 4885. Good service and nice workmanship.




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If you are keen in any Electrical Works, you may want to engage my contractor. He's local Registered Licence Electrical Contractor and provides very good service and reasonable quote. What I like about him is he gives good advice and whether what you want is feasible or not and not pushy. Pm me for his contact details. 


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