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Electrical Quotation For 4-Room Bto

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I just got my keys to my unit and we're anxious about getting it renovated. However, i've always heard scary stories about overcharging and poor workmanship etc... It doesn't make it better to have spoken to 2 contractors and i could sense that they were more about fleecing me off, hence i decided to get piecemeal quotations on my own to validate the price. I'm on renovation loan like many of us, so i hope i'm paying the right price for it.

Help me, let me know if the pricing i'm getting is reasonable! I don't want to pay too low and get slipshod work too.

1. Lighting Points - $30 ea

2. Single Socket - $45 ea

3. Double Socket - $55 ea

4. Instant Heater Installation - $50

5. Hood/Hob/Oven Point - $80 ea

6. Telephone Point - $50 ea

7. SCV Point - $90 ea

8. SCV/Data/Power Loose Wire Extension for TV Console - $30 ea

9. Data Point - $90 ea

10. Downlight Installation - $10 ea

11. Ceiling Light Installation - $20 ea

12. Wall Fan Installation - $20 ea

13. Ceiling Fan Installation - $25 ea

Hope to have your advice!

Kelvin, mind to share your electrician contact? Thx a lot!


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Hi Guys,

Those who posted here and PM'ed me, i tried my best to reply already.

If anyone still needs it or i missed it, just let me know.

I'm done with renovating my flat, and all is well. My partner prefers not to share photos as it's private, but if my word counts for anything, it's great. The same contractor helped me with electrical and LED lighting (20-50% below what balestier/jalan besar shops are charging) in-house, but also happen to be a general contractor for carpentry, vinyl flooring, solid surface and plumbing.

I'm getting him to help with my office's renovation as well.

So hope this good contractor will be able to serve more of the bros and sis here.

All the best! :)

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Guest macpork

hi kelvin, can i get the contact of your electrician too?

anyone else who have gotten the contact from kelvin, mind sharing it with me too?

thanks in advance!


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Hi Kelvin,

After reading your post of your contractor's quotation and the replies you were getting, I was very happy.

I was searching for a good honest contractor for rewiring and nothing beats word of mouth!

I am going to do rewiring for my HDB apartment as well, been 13 yrs lol... time to renovate.

For all those out there who are getting a new apartment, plan out your electrical points and lightings wisely and make sure that the fixtures are of quality and is QA assured for safety. Fuse protect your powerpoints if possible.

Please help PM your contractor's details Kelvin, I appreciate it very much bro.

PS: LED is the GREEN way to go guys! It also reflects savings on our bills too lol! :jammin:


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