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Electrical Quotation For 4-Room Bto

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I just got my keys to my unit and we're anxious about getting it renovated. However, i've always heard scary stories about overcharging and poor workmanship etc... It doesn't make it better to have spoken to 2 contractors and i could sense that they were more about fleecing me off, hence i decided to get piecemeal quotations on my own to validate the price. I'm on renovation loan like many of us, so i hope i'm paying the right price for it.

Help me, let me know if the pricing i'm getting is reasonable! I don't want to pay too low and get slipshod work too.

1. Lighting Points - $30 ea

2. Single Socket - $45 ea

3. Double Socket - $55 ea

4. Instant Heater Installation - $50

5. Hood/Hob/Oven Point - $80 ea

6. Telephone Point - $50 ea

7. SCV Point - $90 ea

8. SCV/Data/Power Loose Wire Extension for TV Console - $30 ea

9. Data Point - $90 ea

10. Downlight Installation - $10 ea

11. Ceiling Light Installation - $20 ea

12. Wall Fan Installation - $20 ea

13. Ceiling Fan Installation - $25 ea

Hope to have your advice!

HI kelvin,

Please let me have the contact. Thanks.


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One advice to those who haven't or about to start laying out your electrical power points....

Ask you electrician to dedicate a single power socket for your fridge in the kitchen. By doing so, you don't have to shutoff your fridge, which is harmful to any compressor-equipped appliances, when you decide to change any wiring in the kitchen that involves opening of the power sockets to add more power sockets, repair power sockets, etc. Just my 2 cts :)


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Hi Kelvin,

Please kindly PM me your electrician's contact ASAP. I've got several from this forum and so far they all are on the high side for me still..also looking for reliable carpentry work if he can do.

I will definitely post photos and reports to share here, if he's good. *Fingerscrossed

Thank you!


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Hi guys,

My hubby and I bought a new 3 room flat and need to do minor renovation. We are totally out of cash after paying for all the down payment, stamp duty, agent fee etc

We need about $700 to finish up all the electrical work and really stressed out. My hubby suggested to take a short-term loan from licensed moneylenders.

I am really confused. can you guys give some advice?

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