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Hey guys! We have just started our renovation journey and thought to share with everyone who reads this forum! Everyone has been exceptionally helpful and assisted us a lot on the journey to finding our contractor as well as furnishings and such.

Very excited to get the party started!

Located just beside a huge canal, it kinda reminds us of a lake...... therefore the name: "Lake" House :lol:

We collected our keys in May 2014 and spent a total of approximately 4 months settling our defects. At the same time, we were finding a contractor whom we are comfortable with. We already had our rough designs ready and needed someone to execute it confidently with professional suggestions along the way.

We were really pleased to come across MrJ & MrE. They replied promptly and professionally to all of our doubts and understood what we wanted as soon as we had our first discussion.

First up, here is our floor plan :sport-smiley-018:


Our "Lake" View :rofl:


Day 1 (06/10/14)

Signed at MrJ & MrE's factory and had a discussion with the both of them regarding all our designs and layout. MrJ did a sketch on all of our carpentry works and understood what we wanted. He then passed us a couple of booklets of laminates for us to browse through.

Day 4 (09/10/14)

Met with MrE and electrician; ironed out all of our doubts and did planning of lighting and other electrical works. Electrician was really helpful and provided some really good suggestions. Thereafter, we caught up with MrJ at the Lamitak factory to view bigger pieces of the laminates that we shortlisted(a whole bunch of them!) We had serious problem deciding on what laminates to use as the range was massive; when we always thought that a certain design was exactly what we wanted, we will come across another that wavered our decision. Looking at the bigger pieces really helped. It looked so different than when it was in a little sample piece in the booklet.

Just when we were about to part our ways, we were informed that the electrician has already started work! How efficient :good:

Meanwhile, here's our styleboard


Day 6 (11/10/14)

A really fruitful day! Met MrE at Hafary (Eunos branch) to select bathroom and kitchen tiles. We were overwhelmed by the wide varieties of tiles. Thankfully MrE introduced us to the sales executive there and she was really helpful.

Some pictures of the place



There's a good variety of tiles which were in our budget, enough to drive us crazy while finalising our tile, therefore we would advise homeowners to not venture to too many stores to look at more choices because this would only confuse you - making your selection process a nightmare.

MrJ met us soon after and we discussed on a couple of changes in our designs and they were really flexible about it. We were glad that they were not the kind who would request for a topup when informed of any changes. Looking at how confused we were, they also gave us ample time to finalise our tiles and laminates.

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Continuation from previous post

Proceeded to YT after since it was in the vicinity.



The varieties of laminates for the doors were fine, not a lot but sufficient. Spoke to Evonne (she's super nice, friendly and helpful!), and she brought us out to look at the bigger samples of the doors. After much consideration, we ordered the hollow doors for the bedrooms as it was more cost efficient. Got the bi-fold doors for the toilets too since the price was reasonable.

Our third and final stop - to get toilet bowls and sinks. There's a promotion going on so we purchased two sets of baron toilet bowls and sinks for both of our toilets. Now, we can check that off our list. :sport-smiley-018:

Day 12 (17/10/14)

Had an in-depth discussion to finalize changes on carpentry as well as confirming all tiles and laminates. 3D renderings will be given to us next! At the same time, electrical works are up and partitions are more or less done! We're so impressed and surprised at the same time how organised these guys worked. They have their tools, rubbish, materials all gathered together. We also noticed that they also closed all windows and unplugged all electrical devices before leaving.

And before I forget, the workers also locked the door while working, which is important because we wouldn't want any uninvited kaypohs to conveniently invite themselves in when we're not there. :lol:

Now for the pictures



So far, communication with Mr E has been great; he gives pretty quick responses. Some of the tiles we have chosen is out of stock, so we're informed that the kitchen will be done up next! Can't wait! :sport-smiley-004:

Day 19 (24/10/14)


All partition works done. Sand loaded into all rooms (we are doing cement screed flooring). All rubbish cleared.

The tiles we chose for service yard and toilet floor are out of stock so Mr E arranged for screeding to be up first. Was notified that toilet walls screeding have begun; will update with pictures when we're there!
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Continuation from previous post...

So... our 3D renderings have been sent to us today! It's just a rough guide for now. Wardrobe interior haven't been decided (please kindly share if you have any suggestions! it would be a shared wardrobe for both my husband and I), there are more carpentry works in the living room, toilets and one other bedroom not shown in the drawings.

Revised versions will be sent to us later so meanwhile, we did up some minor editing on the received images.
After doing some self editing:
We have yet to confirm our vinyl flooring for our platform.
We're going for a dimmer, darker look for the living area and a lighter, cosier look for the bedrooms so that it would be easier on the eyes.
So far so good! :yeah:
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Day 25 (30/10/14)

Our tiles should be arriving next week! Had an in-depth discussion on Thursday to finalise on all carpentry details till close to 12midnight! When we left their office, they were still serving another couple! Talk about dedication!
We were so surprised when Mr J informed us that our kitchen carpentry work is ongoing already. Workmanship is awesome! :sport-smiley-004:
Went on to decide on our platform vinyl, the more promising designs we were leaning on more:
Day 26 (1/11/14)
Popped by our place to get some pictures taken but the sun has already gone down so pictures turned out to be grainy. But I guess it's better than nothing!
The kitchen and toilets were done with screeding and prepped for tiling works to take place next. We planned to have exposed screed walls and we have to saw that we are pretty pleased with how it looks like, especially the kitchen! Loving the swirls/ cloudy effect!
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Protection work was also done and everything was taped securely on the floor. Lines were so straight and every nook and cranny was covered. :D:D
Day 31 (5/11/14)
We had a discussion with MrE and the electrician yesterday and confirmed the placement of our lights. Electrician is really on the ball and understood what we wanted. This discussion was pretty quick and smooth! Today, the lights (those that we have) are up!
Honestly, we have never been out and about searching for downlights/ track lights because we ordered them online and did our research online then deciding it based on our gut feeling.
However, our gut feeling is not always right. Initially we wanted our living room to look cosy and dim and we got the 3W downlights. The electrician then advised us that it might be too dim, especially because our floor is dark coloured so we should go for 7W. Some of our downlights are still not here, thus he installed whatever that we have for the meantime so that we can get a better idea of the brightness of the lightings in the house.
So, for the clueless people out there just like us, these are some pictures to refer to. :)
There are supposed to be 7pcs of 7W downlights but we only had 1. Seems bright enough, it's the downlight shining against the wall on the left hand side of the picture.
Another view
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Dining area/ dry kitchen that we built out. Currently these are 3W downlights.
Kitchen. 7W track lights.
Walkway. 3W track lights.
Bedroom. 7W Track lights. For some reason, it looks darker in pictures.
Master Bedroom. Four 3W downlights nearer to the window. One 7W downlight on the left side of the room. Dim but very cosy.
We are happy with what we have went with so far. We did not want the house to look too bright but we are also concerned that it might look too dim. Crossing our fingers and hope it'll look as good as we have in mind when the rest of the lights are up! :D
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Day 37 (11/11/14)

Happy singles day! :D

Tiling work are completing and will be completed tomorrow. We're happy with our selection of tiles and how it looks when it all comes together. No regrets on overlaying the bathrooms and kitchen! :sport-smiley-018: The tiler gave us a few choices of different ways we can lay our wood tiles and suggested our current layout so that the tiles will lay flushed. He mentioned that if we were to do the H pattern, the tiles might pop out slightly.

Kitchen carpentry will be up next followed by the grinding and polishing of our cement screed flooring for the rest of the house. Then all carpentry will be up! Can't wait!!

Some pictures to show how awesome the carpentry work is!


When carpentry came on last week


Screed wall


Now, ongoing tiling works




Toilets (Photo has weird discoloration problem)

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Used remaining kitchen tiles to build a kerb at our doorstep

Day 42 (16/11/14)
Kitchen carpentry and tiles done! Toilet tiles done! Our toilet amenities will be delivered tomorrow.
Cement screed floor first layer of epoxy done! So much love for whatever that's been done so far. Can't wait to move in!
Our next worry would be the TV feature/ storage unit which takes up a huge % of carpentry in the living room. Crossing my fingers and hoping it will look good!
Day 59 (3/12/14)
Been really busy and didn't have time to update this T-Blog the last couple of weeks. Most of the carpentry work are up, toilet amenities are up, most of the lights are up and service yard windows are up too. We are currently waiting for the epoxy works to be done, painting works will be done next week as well as our cabinets. So far, the house is looking amazing and exactly what we had in mind! Cannot wait to start with home decor! :D :D
TV feature wall with projector screen
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Day ? (5/1/14)

Works are mostly done and will be handover to us soon. Minor touch ups in progress now. So far, we are very pleased with the workmanship.

Bought our bidet from tb and it's not working now.. :( Water spurting everywhere once the tap is switched on. Plumber says that there is no way to salvage it, we have to get a new bidet tap. sigh!

Finally received the VO today and got an unexpected 'surprise'. I will appreciate if any homeowners can share their thoughts on this with me. Our electrician quoted us a whooping $3900++. We didn't do any hacking/ concealing point works, I seriously don't even know how was the sum derived from. Before we engaged him, we went around and compared quotes, the highest we have ever gotten didn't even exceed $2.4k.

Please kindly provide your input in this! :(

Plumbing costs added up to about $800++. We didn't do much.. Change of towel bowl came to be about $150 each. Is that considered overcharged? The plumbers we have met so far previously quoted us $80 each.

We will be meeting on Wednesday probably to discuss on all these additional costs. Pray hard that we will come to an agreement.

Meanwhile, some pics to share. Love it so much! :D

Dining area leading to kitchen



Living room



Toilets vanity


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