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Mission (Almost) Impossible - 25K 4Rm Bto Renovation

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Hello everyone, 

  With effect from 18 Jan 2018, it seems like Renotalk doesn't allow a user to use the PM function unless they provide a valid phone number. My husband and I have discussed this, and we are unwilling to provide a real phone number (because of the risk of personal identity theft).

  We will be taking a break from Renotalk until this is resolved, and we hope that all of you will have a smooth renovation journey! Also, those of you who enjoyed reading, thanks! May you all find companies that suit your design tastes, timelines and wallets! :)


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On 10/31/2014 at 11:58 AM, jez2014 said:

The Chosen One!

After signing the next twenty years of our lives away, we would need to commit a significant chunk of our savings to the renovation. We crunched some numbers, decided that we didn’t want the additional burden of a renovation loan, and came up with the magical figure of 25K.

We met with as many as 7 IDs/contractors (For a detailed account of EVERYONE we met, read here), and while some came close, it was at the expense of one thing or the other. While the budget was always at the back of our minds, the ease of communication was as important a factor, if not more so.

We had several non-negotiables for our house.

1. Bathtub

2. Lots of storage

3. A dedicated study where one could work at the desk AND the bed

4. Easy to maintain

5. Child-safe

As mentioned above, we met with 7 contenders, shortlisted two to meet with them a few more times and finally, picked one. I shall term them JE, after the boss and his assistant who took the time to meet us together, just so that they could give us the full picture.

Why did we choose them?

Strength in carpentry

Being a carpentry firm from the start, their strength was in carpentry and it showed in the job site that they brought us to. A lot of thought was put into the design and crafting of the cupboards. You could see the attention to detail, and the finishing was one of the best I have seen. Smooth edges, invisible joints and seams, the works. Seeing how we planned for 58 Ft of carpentry, this would play a big role in determining the success of our renovation, and their workmanship definitely put us at ease. JE gave us a tour of their factory close to 11pm, and there were many staff still hard at work. Despite the late night, this uncle was very happy to explain to us the different types of styles in cabinets, the soft-closing mechanisms and various finishings.

Working with our needs/wants

The boss, the J of JE, was also very accommodating. When we requested for a custom table that could swivel so that we can work both at the desk and the bed, but not sacrifice precious floor space, he really gave it some thought before committing that it could be done. We liked this, much unlike other firms where they promise you the sky without much thought, resulting in much unhappiness when it’s time to execute the plans.

Price, price, price

All along, JE’s quote had been reasonable. When it came down to the final negotiation, they also patiently went through with us what could go down in price, what couldn’t, and why. Very forthcoming and you could tell they genuinely were trying to make this work. We even started discussing several design elements and JE advised us what could be tweaked to cut cost! The hubbs and I learnt a lot.

Ease of Communication

The hubbs and I liked them. We liked them as contractors, and we liked them as people. There were others we so wanted to like, but couldn't for one reason or another. JE? We liked, and we felt comfortable entrusting our home over to them.

Soooo …

At midnight yesterday (yes, crazy but true), we put our names on the line and sealed the deal. Here’s to the start of a beautiful relationship (I hope!)

Hi Jez, could you share your contractor with me please

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I've read a lot of not so positive reviews about them.. that they are super busy nowadays. guess popularity increased now they have too many projects to handle to give good attention to each one


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