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Procedure For Renovation

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Basically, the procedure of renovation is following bellows steps:

1,design and planing, 2, hacking and dismantle 3, electrical cable and water pipe laying. 4 carpenter work, 5 tiles work, 6, plaster, skim coat or painting, 7,water heater installation, 8, false ceiling for kitchen bathroom, 9, cabinet work, 10, hood /oven installation,11 door installation, 12, floor installation(timber floor, decking) 13, wall paper, 14, switch, socket installation,,15, lighting installation, 16, sanitary ware installation, 17, curtain channel installation.18, cleaning, 19, furniture , 20 home appliance ,21, home decoration

(1), overall planning


The major difference between animal and human being is that, we know planning. Before we do anything for renovating your house, we should have a clear planning, what subject will my home look? What should we do from step 1 to last step?
The most important thing we need to do in this planning stage is that, make a correct and detail measurement for our house. Including
A) the total area we need to renovated, especially for the tiles area, wall area, floor area.
B)the detail dimension from wall to wall, this is very important for you layout of the furniture and decoration.
By the way, before you start renovation, don’t forget to apply the renovation permit in management office if you are stay in condo. And you may need to pay some renovation deposit.

2) Hacking


When we start to renovate our house, the first and also the most noise step is to dismantle the old structure, which including hacking of cabinet, tiles, floor,wall and windows/door frame. But pls remember one very important point, DO NOT HACK ANY COLUMN OR BEARING WALL, unless you are guide under a professional engineer.
In Singapore, hacking job is very expensive, sometime hacking may be even more expensive than the new one, and if you are DIYer, remember to clear your construction rubbish to appointed company, otherwise, you will probably get fine if you just throw to outside rubbish bin.

(3) Re-arranging water and electricity cable


Before laying the water pipe and electricity cable, the main hacking job should be basically completed, and we should make one more important measurement, which is kitchen cabinet area. We need to find out:

1, Find out if the socket for hood is suitable or not, will it affect the installation of hood.

2, Find out if the water pipe outlet/nozzle is suitable for future kitchen sink and water tap installation.

Before re-arranging water pipe, we’d better finish water proofing for the bathroom, as for the kitchen area, I will also suggest to do water proofing, but if your budget not allow, just forget about the kitchen area water proofing.

Some owner will thinking, in this stage, the major material should be delivered , such as tiles, timber floor parquet. But actually, in my opinion, we should try to avoid arranging big items coming in at this stage, as it will be very troublesome if we keep shifting this material inside the house,as we might need to do some small area hacking to conceal the pipe and cable.

(4) Carpentry Works


Carpenter, tiles layer and oil painting is “three brothers” of construction, the basic order is: Carpenter, brick/tiles layer and oil painting l. the basic logic is that – who dirty who first.

If we need to do partition (such as adding one more study room in living room), we need to consider if it is necessary to conceal the power cable inside the partition.

(5) Tiles work


If our manpower is enough, we will arrange tile layer coming in before carpentry start, actually there is no much conflict between carpentry and tiles job.

There are 2 key points need to be careful:

1, the installation for the tile or granite near windows or door area. We need to finish the windows frame first before we can do the nearby tiles or granite, similar as door frame area. After that, we can use silicon to seal up the gaps.

2, the installation of floor trap. Floor trap is first material to show in renovation for the hardware material, as it need to do together with the tiles laying. So, if owner is buy all the material by himself, do not forget to prepare the floor trap first..

After tile laying job finished, we can obtain a more accurate measurement figure for the kitchen cabinet.

(6) Painting Job

Now is painting guy’s show time. Basically, we may need to do at least 3 coat for wall painting and 1 coat for the customize furniture. For the wall painting, the most expensive one is the first coat( basic coat), but if you intend to do wall paper rather than painting, you may just need the basic coat of wall painting. 2nd and 3rd coat are not necessary for wall paper.

After finished of this stage, many owners will be happy as thinking that it is almost finish for the renovation. But in fact, it is only one third of the whole procedure. The most important part is the “installation step.”

(7) water heater installation

Once the wall and floor finish, we can arrange water heater delivery and installation. The water heater installation is normally done before false ceiling. The gas water heater type is now become more popular, normally it is installed in the service yard or aircon ledge. As for the electrical water heater type normally it is installed inside the bathroom or conceal above of the false ceiling.

(8) False ceiling at kitchen or bathroom

After water heater installation completed , the next step is the false ceiling. The basic procedure is ceiling grid, ceiling board and touch up and painting. In this stage, all the kitchen ceiling light and the ventilation fan should be prepared, and also lighting points confirmed.

(9) Kitchen cabinet installation

After false ceiling finish, we can arrange kitchen cabinet installation. And also kitchen sink ,water tap gas hob connection.


Try to arrange the same day for hood and kitchen cabinet installation, they will be easier for coordination.

(11) wooden door installation

After Kitchen cabinet finished, we can arrange door installation, and also ironmongery. The frame should be already finished during the previous stage. Now is the door panel installation.

(12) Timber floor installation

On the second day of wooden door installation, we can start to install the timber floor, we need to pay attention for the below points:

1 prior to installation, it is better to arrange the parquet supplier to come down for inspection, to confirm the floor condition is acceptable, is it flat enough? Or dry enough?

2, prior to installation, we need to keep all floor clean and maintain the floor dry.

(13) wallpapering work

One the 2nd day of timber floor installation, we may start to arrange wall paper. Before that, we need to clean everything on wall.

(14) switch socket installation


In toilet, all sockets and switches must be waterproof. The light switch at the entrance, it is recommended to use fluorescent switch.

In my opinion, try to install more sockets as possible, nowadays, more and more home electrical equipment coming out every few months, it will be very troublesome to add socket, especially for conceal type in future.

(15)Lighting installation

When coming to this stage, we finally can say good bye to industry light, feeling good , right?

(16)Sanitary ware installation

Toilet bowl, basin, hook and water tap all will be finished in this stage.

(17) Curtain rail installation

Curtain rail installation is a milestone for renovation work, it means, we finally can take a rest after so busy month.

(18)Final cleaning

Before doing final cleaning, do not arrange any home appliance or curtains, try to maintain a clean condition, and then arrange final cleaning

(19) Furniture

After final cleaning, we can arrange furniture coming in. As for the time to buy furniture, in my opinion, we do not need to buy too early, we only can buy the furniture after we get the detail dimension, which is after electricity and water pipe laying job finished

(20) home appliances

By this time, home appliance can start to comes in, ready to stay!

(21)Home decoration

Finally finished! How is it? Enjoy your new house!


Hi every one, my name is Kenny, I am a new house owner, and I am also work in the renovation line.

Pl see my other article for

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(4)Home Lighting - Factors To Consider For Choosing The Adequate Lighting Material For Your New Home


I was working in a property developer company for many years, as a site engineer. And now I set up my own renovation company.

After so many years in this renovation line, I found that most of the owners actually have little knowledge on renovation for their dream house, and spend a lot of money and time which is actually not necessary. So I start to write some thing, to share with you about my knowledge and experience, I hope that my experience can help more people. Welcome to visit my blog "Interior Design Singapore" at www.interiordesign-singapore.net

**PS: This is an original article by me. Welcome to share at your website, but pls keep a original link for me, thanks

Procedure For Renovation

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Wow cool...

This is really informative. But I am actually getting a 5-room BTO with flooring and toilets done.

As I am having a budget constrained (single mom with kids and parents), therefore I am not able to engage a Renovation Contractor or ID :(

I will try to arrange by myself using Direct Contractors but not sure what to do first.

Chance upon your topic and it gives me some ideas but I'm still unclear... Can I tap on your expertise to advise me the following?

1) Design & Planning ::: As I will only be doing simple renovation with no theme, I already more or less had an idea of what my new house will be like...

2) Electrical Cable & Water Pipe laying ::: Can both Electrical wiring and Water pipe laying go at the same time? As in both contractors to work same day? Any sequence or anything to look out for?

3) Carpentry Works ::: I will be doing cabinet base in kitchen (coz my mum will be doing alot of cooking so washing is unavoidable some times...), so wet works like tiling should comes before carpentry?

4) Water Heater Installation ::: Can installation of Water Heater goes the same time together with Air-con installation?

5) Cabinet Works ::: Installation of all cabinets includes kitchen and room cupboards? And is this the part where Sink, Hood, Hob and Tap should be installed?

6) Switch Socket Installation ::: erm... actually I'm quite confused for this part, coz the electrician will not install the electrical cables and switches together at point (2)?

7) Sanitary Ware Installation ::: ok this point I understand :D

8) Curtain Installation ::: this I understand too :D

+++ Actually I did some reading in Renotalk and also from this topic, I had tried to visualize the procedure of the renovation. Please do let me know if it is workable or any wrong steps in the process. +++

1) Electrical Wiring & Water Pipe laying - I will first proceed with Electrical wiring & switches, then Internet wiring, then Water Pipe laying / extension.

2) Bricks and Cement works - Construct additional room & door (Study room), Shower screen kerb, Sink cabinet & sink installation, Cabinet kerb and (washing bay) at Service Yard.

3) Carpentry works - Construct sliding wardrobe in bedrooms, TV console, kitchen cabinets (Hood, Hob & Tap installation) .

4) Water Heater & Air-con installation - Gas Heater installation by PUB and Air-con installation by Air-con Contractor.

5) Window Grills installation - After Air-con installed, do up the windows and grills.

6) Painting - After all the installation mentioned above.?

7) Shower Screen installation - can it fit under this stage?

8) Miscellaneous installation - Dryer, Toilet accessories & curtains.

Can the above planning works? Appreciate if you could help me with my questions, thank you :):bow::bow::bow:

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Actually tile is before carpantry. Ts got the wrong sequence for certain issue. And some information you shared is not accurate

Edited by Ahyong81

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You can use this a guide and engage your own contractors. From my experience, you can save more than 1/2 the renovation cost. If you want to save on ID fee, you can purchase those home décor magazines and use their designs. Many 'designers' rinse and repeat the common designs and make slight alterations.


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