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Anyone know where I can buy cheap standard HDB toilet door handle? It is the one made of plastic and the door is a bi-fold. Hopefully around $15. The ones I saw around costs $30. :(



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Hi Everyone,

Actually I am the retailer on Qoo10 / Retail shop for this type of HDB Bi-fold Door Handle. It is from a local supplier A-TECH so quality is assured (not from china). 

You can find out more information buy it directly from our Qoo10 Store via this link:



Do note that this type of lock there are 3 different types of Model. It can be misleading because on the outside all the Handle look the same, but when you disassemble and look inside the handle the screw types are different.

There are also cases whereby modification is required such as drilling the hole bigger or some external modification in order to fit the replacement lock.


My Advice is as follows:

1) Measure the Distance between the screw holes

2) Order the correct model & Pay through Qoo10

3) If Not sure which type or how to install, please disassemble your lock (just the plastic part with the screws, dont need the internal lock mechanism) and bring it down to us to verify for you.

4) If you are unable to disassemble and not sure what to do, We can Recommend you a Handy-man, just let us know and we will pass you his contact details.

Do not attempt to forcefully pull or pry out the lock as it may damage the internal lock mechanism or your door which is very costly & difficult to fix (even we do not have the spare parts to fix it)





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I bought a set of door handles from a locksmith shop in Jalan bersah. Dismantled the handles and used them to replace the broken toilet door handles. Much cheaper and unlikely to break off again like the original plastic ones



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3 hours ago, chingkl said:

Hi snoozee, can you remember which shop is it?

my reply is still pending approval from the moderators as it contains a URL.

basically new world centre along jalan berseh. note that it is jalan berSEH, not jalan bersah.

jalan berSEH is a side road along the stretch of jalan bersah.

at new world centre, walk from the jalan bersah side of the building to the other end of the building. there should be a shop selling all kinds of door handles and locks. just go in and ask for the type you want. ask/request to see if you can just buy the door handles without the rest of the accessories since you have no use for them. it may be cheaper without the accessories.

the other "problem" is that the existing plastic handles or new metal handles may utilize a c-clip retaining clip to hold the handle in place. so you will need to use some small flat head screw drivers to pry the clip open or buy a special plier to remove and insert the retaining clips

another potential issue is that the door handles have actually a square metal rod that connects to the door handle and is inserted to the latching mechanism to lock/unlock the door. the new set of metal handles will come with 1 of this rod so you should be ok if just changing a single door. but if you are changing for 2 doors, you may need to source for another piece of this metal rod.

Also have a set of allen keys ready as the new metal handles will normally be secured to the metal rod by a small screw which can only be removed by an allen key.



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On 12/21/2018 at 10:19 AM, chingkl said:

Hi snoozee, can you remember which shop is it?

For your convenience, you can visit Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware Groud Floor which is located at Jalan Sultan Centre just next to Maybank. You can get whatever handles you need for door and cabinet. 


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On 12/1/2018 at 5:04 PM, Amit25 said:

Hi want to get locking mechanism for this door,any help will be appreciated.


Your idea shop for locking mechanism would be at Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware, Ground Floor, Jalan Sultan Centre just next to Maybank.


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