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  1. Hi, Let me give you some advice. You can't use sliding door for L-Shape Wardrobe. For doors, it would be wise to use 18mm thick blockboard instead of 15mm plywood which is not advisable. Door might warp easily after a certain period of time. For L-Shape Wardrobe, you need to fabricate in the factory. However, due to space constrain in bringing up by lift, all parts must be loose and assembling is normally done inside the bedroom. For plywood supplier, there are plenty of them in the market. You can easily source it from Sungei Kadut.
  2. I believe they would be able to help on this issue. You can contact them directly by email at dnc.conservices@gmail.com
  3. Bottom part of frame damage is normally due to seepage especially toilet door. No need to spent 1K to change the whole frame which may be very costly. It can be repair and would last you for another 5 years or more.
  4. Your idea shop for locking mechanism would be at Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware, Ground Floor, Jalan Sultan Centre just next to Maybank.
  5. For your convenience, you can visit Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware Groud Floor which is located at Jalan Sultan Centre just next to Maybank. You can get whatever handles you need for door and cabinet.
  6. This type of solid timber door you hardly find now in Spore. It's better for you to preserve it and it can last till your next generation. Need to do some timber patty on dented parts and do some sanding be4 applying Mahogany tapin base lacquer to vanish.
  7. You don't need to change your laminate. Try first to get a good vanisher who can do nice touch up work. It would not be 100% perfect but at least 90% which can save your cost. Changing of laminate is not cheap in Spore. Your laminate code 1015G is from which laminate company ? You need to know the sources where you purchase from. Different laminate company got different code.
  8. There are 2 options of mantaining your nature wood grainon your exisitng door. No 1, option is either doing some patching due to dented and sanding away old stains before revanishing with lacquer. No 2, option would be changing your bedroom door surface to either laminate or veneer depending on your choice. You can choose from various design and color and giving you a new look.
  9. Just for your info only. If the bottom carcass is still in good condition and not rotten, it can still be done. Worse scenario and to save cost, it would be better for you to change your sliding panel to swing type.
  10. Hi, Are you referring to bedroom or main door ? Yes, you can change your HDB toilet door to BiFold no issue but not main door. All HDB Main door are fire rated attached with PSB label.
  11. Nothing is impossible. It can be done but the work is going to be very complex. Changing a medium size to wider drawers cannot be modify. You need to make a new drawers as per your requirement which I think would be quite costly due to high labours cost in Singapore.