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Clean Scandinavian Design 4-room

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Hello everyone!

My fiance and I are going to get the keys to our 4-room in 2Q 2016. So excited and we can't wait to start our new home after 4 years of long wait! We have been reading the forum to do our research diligently. Thank you everyone for sharing your experience with us! Now is our turn to journal down our renovation journey in this t-blog. 

Here goes our floor plan: 


This is our first time owning a house. We are very excited about our renovation for the new home. However, we can’t help but feel the pinch, especially we going to spend a hefty sum when our renovation and wedding falls in the same year. We just started working for 2-3 years and I don’t want to spend all our savings to splurge on the renovation. Hence, I will try my best to stick within our budget and spend wisely.  

We also set our budget below: 

Budget for Renovation: 30-35K

Budget for Furnishing and Electrical appliances: 20k

Renovation Requirement 

We will keep our carpentry work minimal and simple. Save money on carpentry by going for off shelf furnishings and online shopping of home decorations to achieve the look we want. Also, we chose Scandinavian style as this theme is easily executed and it will never fall our of style. 

As some of the requirement are optional, we will finalize our decision only after considering the cost and visiting the actual site. I also try to think of other alternatives to save the cost. 


Living Room

1.To supply materials & labour to lay Vinyl @ Living. Dining Room/ Bedroom 3/Bedroom 2/Master bedroom
2.Painting for the whole house
3.Chemical wash for whole house after renovation
4.Sliding window at the yard (optional) 
5.To supply and install 3 bedroom doors / 2 bathroom doors



1.To construct false ceiling work @ Living/Dining Hall (optional) 
2.To construct 16ft Craftstone wall / Brickwall stucco wall, whichever is more affordable (optional) 
3.To box up 8ft gypsum partition wall
4.To construct half ht and 5ft shoe cabinet 


1.To hack half partition wall between dining and kitchen
2.To install coated aluminum frame fixed window at partial wall and swing door
3.To construct 9ft Top cabinet 
4.To construct 15ft Bottom cabinet 
5.To construct 2ft Tall cabinet 
6.To overlay Subway tiles on exposed wall on kitchen wall
7.To install 16ft Kompac plus/ iQuartz for kitchen cabinet surface top


1.To construct shower kerbs at Common /Master Bathroom
2.To supply and install 10mm Clear tempered glass shower screen @ Common Bathroom
3.To supply and install 10mm Clear tempered glass (1 fixed and 1 swing) shower screen @Master bathroom
4.To construct 3ft Vanity bottom finished @Master bathroom
5.Overlaying floor tiles for Common /Master Bathroom (optional) 


1.Full ht and 7ft casement wardrobe @Masterbedroom
2.Full ht and 5.5ft casement wardrobe @Bedroom 2

Table of Contents 

1. Moodboard 

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Join 46,923 satisfied homeowners who used renotalk quotation service to find interior designers. Get an estimated quotation

Scandinavian design has been commonly used by most homeowners by for renovation. However, the  Scandinavian design we want to create is slightly differently. It will be clean and simple design. The colour theme has been set on black, white and grey with wood furnishing. 

We believe this timeless design that will last for years. We are not into industrial, modern, retro, eclectic as we want out home to look bright, airy and cozy.



We all know that the brick wall is the tredy feature wall these days, but they are pretty costly. So it is an optional choice due to cost and concerns for maintenance. Personally, if i were to choose, I will prefer the subtle effect of Stucco wall compared to Craftstone wall. 

To install ceiling fan and track lights 


To paint the wall in light shades of grey as an cheaper alternative to the Craftstone wall / Brickwall stucco wall. The change of wall colour is more flexible and it will look cleaner. 

For sofa, we will opt for soft grey for a soothing look. Dress the sofa by injecting some interesting cushions with geometric design and creating the warm and relax feel.


Invest on some simple and stylish furniture (like the coffee table above) and decorate with some plants and greenery. 


To build a half height shoe cabinet instead of the usual full height and decorate it with a nice round mirror. 

Plan 1: No hacking of wall between kitchen and dining area. 

I found a perfect layout of kitchen that maximize the lights in the kitchen (no blockage of the service yard window).  The cabinets are in white with black cabinet knots. Kompacplus can be used for the kitchen top. There is also tall cabinet for oven and microwave oven. 

The one side of kitchen is cooking, washing area while the other side of the kitchen is for preparation. 

Design 1: White Cabinets and Wooden Table Top 


Overlaying subway tiles between kitchen cabinets

Some other inspiration of black and white kitchen. Not planning to do a closure for the dish rack because we predict we will no use it often. 

Plan 2: Hacking of wall between kitchen and dining area.

The open-concept kitchen is very popular nowadays but it is not suitable for us as we will cook often. So, in order to create the open space and brightness, we plan to hack the half wall between the dining room and kitchen. The kitchen will be partitioned from the dining room with black think frame of Aluminium fixed window and swing door. 



Design 1: Grey Cabinets and White/Black Table Top


This is the perfect shades of grey for the kitchen. The combination is so nice and we were contemplating if we should over lay the existing HDB tiles with this black and white tiles. But white tiles are so difficult to maintain!


More inspiration of grey kitchen and white table top with subway tiles. 



Due to budget constraints, we will try to retain the original HDB tiles in bathroom as much as possible. We will try to decorate it with round mirror and install the tempered glass to separate the dry and wet area. 



Our units have no door. We planned to install the classic white doors and the louvre door for bathrooms. 


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Selection of ID/ Contractor 


We went through  to look for interior designers and started contacting a few companies whose designs appeal to us. The quotation varies as different ID tends to have different suggestions. 

ID S from 8** ******: A young and green ID. He was very patient in understanding our requirement and showing us samples of the material used. This is very useful especially during the first meet up with ID. We were so excited to learn about the different kinds of materials. He also proposed the layout and hand draw the layout to show us. The second session he shared with alternative ideas with his hand-drawn 3D drawing. We really appreciate his effort because we didn't expect any drawing until confirmation. After the quotation,  he offered some discount on our project and follow up with us.  The good thing is that we can feel the connection with him and a young ID may be more creative. The not so good thing is that we afraid that he may not be experience enough to solve when there are hiccups during the renovation. We will still like to recommend him as an ID as he is very patient and prompt in his service. 

ID E from S**** A******: A more experienced ID and not much impression. He can show you the pros and cons between different materials. This ID firm offers a 4-room standard package at $21k plus and it is very attractive. Our friend did warn us on the cheap renovation package at unbelievable prices. When quotation came,  the total renovation cost are actually more expensive with the add ons compared to other quotations. We don't really like the idea of renovation package. What we want is a personalized quotation without hidden cost. No much follow up with us after quotation so dropped this ID. 

ID J from V****: This firm was recommended by my colleague who has engaged them for their resale flat. My colleague shared that their quotation is quite reasonable. However, we requested to meet up the boss instead of my friend's ID. A new ID was attached to the boss to take down our requirement. The whole session was most the efficient one as the boss is very straight to the point. He not only listened to our idea and counter propose with other suggestions. For example, we did not intend to build a false ceiling in the living room as we feel it will reduce the room space and trap dust. He explained that the new version false ceiling will not take up so much space as compared to the old version and it will conceal the electrical wires. He also suggested that to install the black track lights to enhance the scandinavian look and cove lights focus towards the 16ft of brick wall in the living room. He also impressed us with a few ideas that the previous ID did not suggest to us. My fiance was immediately sold by his suggestion but I a bit worry that he could be a too overpowered. He is that kind of person- "I suggest you do this..., if you want cheaper alternative...., you can do this...". We realized that there are some missing details during the next meet up for quotation discussion. However, they made the amendments on the spot. The price was not as cheap as we expected. 

At this point of time, my fiancee was deciding between ID S and ID J. We almost wanted to sign the contract with one of the ID but I decided to put it on hold first while doing more research. This is when that I came across to Renotalk and found out that so many homeowners actually engaged a contractor instead of and ID. They can execute their idea and renovate their home so nice even with contractor! 

*Updated as of 27 Mar 2016. No much update as we have yet to receive our second HLE so it's not possible to collect keys in Apr 2016. We take it slowly and I use the period to plan for my wedding instead. We tried emailing our floor plan and requirement to ask for quotation instead as we do not have much time to meet every contractor individually. 

CONTRACTOR *E: They are very popular due to the good workmanship for carpentry. We have contacted them since end Feb 2016 as we wanted to secure them as our contractor despite of the fact they could be overloaded with their current projects. After replying them that our keys will only be available in 2Q 2016, they did not follow up with us thereafter. We have dropped this contractor as we know that they are  too busy with their current projects. 

CONTRACTOR R*******: No reply from them after sending email request for quotation.

CONTRACTOR P*: Recommended by my friend. The contractor is very prompt in replying and follow up closely. The quotation is reasonable but it comes in lump sum total cost for each component of carpentry work, renovation work and etc instead of individual cost. We felt that there are lack of details and transparency in cost in the event that we decided to change certain requirement in our renovation. 

CONTRACTOR 1: This contractor is introduced by one of the blogger who just renovated her house. I really love the renovation style and their workmanship is excellent. The contractor replies promptly with detailed quotation at reasonable cost. *Shortlisted*

CONTRACTOR 2: This contractor met us to have a better understanding of our renovation requirement. The first meeting ended about 20 to 30 minutes. I was a bit doubtful if he can fully understand our requirements within such a short frame of time. He is indeed a very experienced contractor and he can share with us the Do's and Don'ts. The first quotation is about the same as some ID and the cost is quite comparable with some IDs. 

Okay, I was a bit insane that I do a excel worksheet to compare the individual component across all the IDs and contractor. I really like to micro manage and do a lot of research due to first timer's limited knowledge in renovation. It was to the extend my fiance complained that my money it's so hard to earn. However, I have explained to him that it is to have a better understanding of what each ID/contractor can offer and prevent any hidden cost and unnecessary miscommunication. 

During this period, my colleague who has an ongoing renovation shared with me her horrify experience with her ID. The irresponsible ID keep delaying her projects and was not able to delivered as they promised *i.e. They have agreed kitchen carpentry to have soft closing but it was not installed. The dimension of drawer is not done correctly according to their requirement. Fortunately, everything was solved in the end. I felt sorry for her as it was really physically and mentally exhausted for her to encounter this.  

This also makes me rethink of what we want to achieve for our renovation. Cost is a major consideration but it is fine as long as it is within our budget. Finding an experienced ID/Contractor that can deliver good quality of work is the most important factor! 

We have asked if Contractor 2 to bring us to one of his project before we signed the renovation package. it was very nice of him to find a house which has similar concept as us. We were very pleased and trust that he can deliver what we want after seeing his work. We went through individual component to revise the quotation, especially for certain component that we felt that it was a bit overpriced. He is very open to discussion and explained to us difference is cost between his quotation and other ID/Contractor. He sent us the revise quotation promptly on the day. We will arrange a date with him to sign the contract and pay the deposit. YEAH! :yeah:



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Finally we can move on to shopping after finalizing our contractor! It is important that to start early to shop for the items below as we need to provide the dimension to contractor before they can start renovation work. If you start early, you will have more time to look around without pressure! :P

Shopping List:
1. Kitchen Sink 
2. Kitchen tap 
3. Hob
4. Hood
5. Oven 
6. Fridge 

First stop: 
Hoe Kee Hardware Pte Ltd  
8 Genting Rd, 349472

We visited Hoe Kee at Genting Rd during Saturday.  The aunties served us are good and not pushy. They also allow us to see around freely.  The good thing is they offered kitchen bundle promotion! 

Our kitchen wall is about 3500mm. We need to cater the space for fridge, kitchen hood and sink. My mum suggested to buy a big single bowl of sink instead of double bowl sink. The smaller bowl is a bit reluctant as we will end up to use it as a rubbish bin. 

Silgranit Sink v.s. Stainless Steel Sink

After researching online, I think that I'd like to look into a silgranit sink instead of a stainless steel sink. Silgranit sink is very low maintenance and looks good! It resists scratching and cleans up like a dream!

Top Mount Sink v.s. Under Mount Sink
I think we will opt for top mount as it will prevent water leakage to the kitchen cabinet due to poor workmanship. 

Rock Grey v.s. Alu Metallic
These are the 2 shades of grey that we love. However, our friend who has a black sink will experience the cloudy spots around the sink. The darker colour of sink may have more maintenance issue. 

Single Bowl Sink v.s. Double Bowl Sink
My mum suggested a large single bowl instead of double bowl as the smaller bowl will always end up putting wet garbage.

Single Bowl Sink


Double Bowl Sink


A single, deep basin means you can easily soak or wash a big pan or prep large quantities of food.


Two basins allow you to perform separate tasks, such as cleaning dishes and preparing food, with ease. The idea is that you can clean up in the large basin and prep in the smaller one. Dual basins also come in handy when you are washing items you don’t want to put in the dishwasher (soap in one basin, rinse water in the other).


Rinsing vegetables while soaking a large casserole dish requires a bit of juggling — as does hand washing and rinsing china or stemware.


A smaller basin makes it harder to wash and soak large pans.





We have shortlisted these 3 designs and will seek advice from our contractor before we decide to go for single/ double bowl. Any one has any suggestion to share? 

$465 (as of Mar 2016) 

$359 (as of Mar 2016) 

$399 (as of Mar 2016) 




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Buying the right gas hob is important as we will cook often.

The gas hob should comes with a good size for our kitchen. It must have an easy-to-clean design – a flat surface, free of dirt traps. I have seen people from renotalk buying EF, Fujioh, Tecno, Electrolux. I have seen people from renotalk buying EF, Fujioh, Tecno, Electrolux and I will do research to find out more. However, my fiance set up his mind after hearing my research on the Bosch. He is that kind person that you have to standardize all the brands for electrical appliances. 

Tempered Glass Hobs v.s. Stainless Steel Hobs

 We find tempered glass looks really good. The only concern that we have is the shattered glass. I have shortlisted the hobs below. 

1. Serie | 4 PBD7331SG78.5 cm Black Tempered Glass Gas Hob
 This model uses Schott Glass- a thermally toughened (tempered) float glass. So the shattered glass may not be an issue.  The salesperson also shared with us the concealed holes which can prevent the food drips into the gas pipe. It is also easy to maintain and clean.

  • The tempered-glass gas hob: offers you a sophisticated design that is easy to clean.
  •  Flame wheel wok burner and 4.5 kW: for excellent cooking, especially for Asian style food.
  • The large 230° knob rotate angle: enhanced flame control.
  • The practical high-end pan support system provides the optimal support for various pans/woks.
  •  Enhanced safety gas valve: safety valve system will cut off the gas automatically when the flame unexpected goes out.
  • Dimensions of the product (mm): 150 x 785 x 450 mm
  • Appliance material: Tempered glass & Pure brass 3 Gas burners
  • Center burner: 1.7 KWLeft & right burner power: 4.5 KW
  • New high efficient burners
  • All direction air intake mode
  • Control knob with electric ignition
  • Precise flame power adjustment & Preset of town gas (10mbar)
  • Flame failure safety device

Hobs and hoods are usually offered as a pair in packages. So I found one hood which suits our needs. 

Slimline Hood vs Chimney Hood
The chimney from the hood to guide filtered fumes out to higher location to prevent them from directly blowing when you are cooking. Slimline hoods are designed to be slim to maximize the space in the kitchen. Although they are as powerful as chimney hoods, they do a pretty decent job. 

2. Serie | 4 DHI923GSG 90 cm Stainless Steel Slimline hood

  • The telescopic cooker hood: Hides into your cabinet for a sleek kitchen front
  • Extraction rate: 420 m3/h to ensure optimal kitchen air quality
  • Halogen lighting: For optimal, energy-efficient illumination of your hob
  • Max. extraction rate according to DIN/EN 61591:420 m³/h
  • 3 speeds
  • 2 x 28 W halogen - energy saving lamps

3. Serie | 2 HBN331E2J Stainless steel 60cm Built-in single oven V.S Serie | 2 HBN331E1K Stainless steel 60cm Built-in single oven
This is the first time we are buying an oven. I am very excited and can't wait to start learning baking and grilling food. With so many brands available, it is so complicated to choose one that suits us. We were introduced to 2 ovens but we can't tell which one is better. I've seen more reviews on 
HBN331E2J. There is no much difference as both has the hot air, flap door and energy efficiency. The only difference I spotted for HBN331E1K is that it comes with eemovable oven door for easy-cleaning and the oven cavity with removable rack supports

There is this website, Intraix showing the 5 factors you should look out for when you choose an oven:

  • Space
  • Oven Timer
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Oven Modes
  • Special Features


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We still have not received any notification about the second HLE assessment, not to mention the date for key collection! There are neighbours from other blocks collected the keys and posted pictures of their flat.  The good thing about being the later batch to collect the keys is that we assume that there will be lesser noise and dust when most people completed their renovation?:jammin: haha.  Okay, we shall wait patiently for our turn.

Since we are going for overseas for 2 weeks and no much updates, we arranged a meet up with our contractor to sign the contract. This is the first time we visit his office. The contractor's office is kind of different from our expectations. Out of so many ID/Contractor's office that we have been, the external look of his office is the least impressive (maybe because it is situated at some old industrial building instead of some posh new building). It's okay. We cannot judge the book by its cover. It does not matter to us the look of your office as long as you can deliver good quality of workmanship for the renovation of our house. 

When we arrived at his office, he was so excited showing us around his new office. Although we already signed the contract, he still spent hours talking to us. He is the first person to educate how to differentiate between the basic and more expensive types of Blum. He also showed us the materials for kitchen table top (quartz, granite, Caesarstone), cabinet laminates and vinyl. 

Can I say the contractor is a very down to earth person? How do i put it across? He knew that we are just young couples who are going to to dump majority our hard earn cash for renovation. He did not up-sell anything. In fact, he recommended us not to splurge on unnecessary things on renovation. He also shared with us his experience of taking a renovation loan for his first flat and took years to clear the installments and interest. We also asked him advice on the electrical appliances since he did so many renovation projects. Throughout the 3 hours, we casually talked about everything from renovation, electricity electrical appliances, credit card rebates, travel to setting up business. We really enjoyed it. It's like building up a friendship with this friendly uncle, more than a business deal. We can feel the trust and rapport and hope everything will turn up well! :good:

P.S  I will only be sharing the contractor details after completing the renovation. Seek your understanding. :) 

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Sorry for late of updates. Finally, we managed to collect the keys in July. Roll pineapple!:yeah:

First impression, the new flat is so small......

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.53.40 AM.png

Layout of living room
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.55.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.57.14 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.57.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.57.40 AM.png
Common Toilet
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.57.22 AM.png
Master Bedroom Toilet

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.57.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.57.54 AM.png

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We submitted the feedback list to HDB about 1 week after key collection. There were nothing much for them to rectify as we opted out all the doors and floor finishes. 

We did not engaged our contractor's electrician. My uncle will be doing the electrical work for us. We started some simple electrical work for the Living Room and Kitchen. 


Hacking of Wall
Things are subject to change along the way for renovation. 

Hacking the full wall between the kitchen and dining area is done. Previously, our idea is to hack half wall and partitioned from the dining room with black think frame of Aluminium fixed window and swing door. We also thought of another alternative is to create an open kitchen concept of using the half wall to build a table top with tall chairs. It's something like a "breakfast countertop". We dropped both ideas as the wall between the kitchen is too small to explore the options.

My mum is not very receptive of the idea of open kitchen, especially we are buying fabric sofa. We also have concerns about if the air-conditioner will be cooling enough for the Living/Dining Room and Kitchen. We have checked with contractor that we still can add on the Aluminium door after the kitchen cabinet is up. 


The "injured" wall after hacking. Oh yes, my bomb shelter is in the kitchen. So I don't think we will overlay the kitchen floor tiles. 



Choosing of tiles

We wanted to overlay the kitchen tiles with subway tiles but the idea is too common. We changed to marble like tile instead because I want to achieve this kind of effect. It should be easier to maintain.


Choosing tiles is quite stressful. We went down to Hafary. We are spoilt for choices and we went round and round to look for something that we like. We found a big and longish piece of marble tile from China but the height is not suitable for using as the kitchen backsplash.  In the end, we settled for one more squarish tiles. Hopefully, it will still turn out well. 


We are still debating whether should we overlay the whole wall tiles for both toilets. I can't imagine so many people overlaying their toilets. It will cost me a bomb. 

After much consideration, I think we should not splurge a few thousand dollar on renovating the toilet. The original mosaic looking tiles is not that bad looking as compared to some other BTO projects. The white tiles is ok to me. Making a decision of to lay or not to lay tiles is so hard. Maybe we should workout something with the existing tiles, such as overlaying only one wall for the common toilet! We chose to overlay for common toilet as it is bigger than our master bedroom toilet so the effect will be nicer. 

We hope to achieve something like this. A relatively white with a bit of marble like toilet in the most economical way. 




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Wet works started! Overlaying the cement base for Kitchen Cabinet. 
Sorry to say that we really don't like the orange/brown tiles as the kitchen's backsplash. We are so glad that we replaced it with the white HDB tiles. 

The preparation work before overlaying the marble backsplash. We fell in love with the Caesarstone marble backsplash but the price is so expensive. We decided to choose a marble like tiles as a cheaper alternatives. We are quite satisfied with the outcome. Hopefully, it will go well with our kitchen cabinet too. 


The preparation work before overlaying one of the wall of the common toilet. 


This is how it looks like after overlaying the tiles. We feel like it is not as nice as what we thought as it is too plain. We kind of regretted our decision of choosing this design of tiles. After much thoughts, we checked with our contractor to see if we can change the 2 tiles on the top right corner to  other tiles with more "marble pattern".
The effect is so much better after they helped us to change the tiles. The very "white toilet "with a bit of marble effect. 


We changed our initial plan of overlaying brickwall for the long wall at the living room to the feature wall for the TV due to:
1. Save cost! Brick wall is really not cheap and I think it is not worth to spend so much on brickwall. 
2. Easier to maintain if the wall is smaller. It will look cleaner. 
3. We can't think of any other idea to do a nice feature wall for our TV. 

After overlaying the craftstone, I was thinking if we should paint white for all the brickwall. I worry that the natural colour of the craftstone will not go well with our theme. It makes the house looks warm and cozy which is more suitable for a muji theme. Still deciding....


Cement Screeding is done! Finally no more rough floor surfaces! The colour of the floor finishes is actually quite nice. We don't mind just polish the cement floor finishes if our theme is incaesarstone


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Hi hope you don't mind me commenting.

My current place's layout is the same as yours and we initially wanted to build a shoe cabinet against the household shelter. We had to abandon the idea as we later realised that there is a beam across from one end of the household shelter to the wall where the sofa is. 

Just a heads-up so that you can plan alternatives :)


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On 3/8/2016 at 7:45 PM, tofulove said:

Hi hope you don't mind me commenting.

My current place's layout is the same as yours and we initially wanted to build a shoe cabinet against the household shelter. We had to abandon the idea as we later realised that there is a beam across from one end of the household shelter to the wall where the sofa is. 

Just a heads-up so that you can plan alternatives :)

Hi Tofulove 

Thank you for your suggestion.

Our shoes cabinet is half height. We have yet to collect the keys so we are not sure about the beam. Will take note of that! :D 

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For sinks, you can also consider Carysil brand as it is cheaper compared to Blanco from Hoe Kee, though I don't know about the quality difference. I personally prefer single bowl too but my fiance insisted on a double bowl sink...and he did say he would do the dishes, so i gave in to him haha. :notti: Bathroom warehouse and Heritage both sell carysil sinks, last i checked Bathroom warehouse was slightly cheaper if you wanna check it out.

And I also bought the same hob you are considering! I think we have similar tastes :) Except we are kinda rojak coz we bought a fujioh hood (supposedly easier to clean) and ariston oven ahha.


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Hello jshome1398, i have yet to collect my keys to the new flat. So I just keep doing research on online shopping while waiting for my keys! haha, :lol:

On 4/5/2016 at 6:03 PM, jshome1398 said:

Hihi, my house got the same layout as yours with the household shelter in the kitchen. Looking forward to more of your updates !!!


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