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i love everything about yr hse.. if only my budget permit.. i would do the same.. for now just have to settle down with a little here and there   


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Annnnd my reno is done! I don't have pictures yet coz I've been busy moving but I just wanted to chronicle this moment. My ID handed the keys back to me this afternoon. 

It's been a long journey - 1 Apr to 1 Sep, but it was really quite painless. Some of the delay was my fault coz I changed some parts of the design halfway but some of it was due to my id being very fussy about getting things just right. Also, I did tell him to take his time and do a good job. 

As I said, it was relatively painless and I have to credit my id. He really handled everything. Whenever I had any issues I just told him about it and he fixed it. 

I'm still moving so I'll keep this short. I'll be posting pictures very soon and I will give a fuller review of my id. But the short summary for now is -  yes, I'll recommend him. 

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Hi JohnJohn

your house really beautiful.

Do you mind to share the brand and code for Kitchen cabinet laminate and counter TOP and the Spin Fan? How much is the Kitchen counter TOP per square feet? Where to buy and how much is the Fan? Also the brand and code for the MBR wall tiles? Where to buy and how much?

Thank you.

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I managed to get some shots tonight in between the move. Pls forgive the camera work. Not very good... 

Living room. First shot is with all the lights on. Second shot is a more romantic feel haha. Actually this is the type of ambience I want when I'm watching tv. 



Kitchen next. 


Next is my mbr bathroom. Hard to get everything in, so I split it up into shower area and the vanity. 



Here's a teaser shot of my mbr. 


And a teaser shot of my dining room. 


Will post more photos soon. 

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