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8 hours ago, bcboon said:

Hi Reiken,

Thank you for sharing details and photos of your renovation. The quality of renovation looks good.

Can pm me contact of your contractor and the renovation cost?

Did the contractor provide the 3D pictures?

Yes, you can definitely trust the workmanship of the carpentry for J&E. They do provide 3D pictures, but they actually charged me for them as they outsource the 3D. I believe it depends whether you are able to negotiate with them as I heard they provide free for some clients. Will PM you the contact and price.


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On 8/30/2016 at 1:57 PM, Stelazine1981 said:

Hi Reiken, 

Your flat is beautiful, can you pm me J&E contact and the cost of your renovation including the 3d?



30 minutes ago, linlinan2001 said:

Hi Reiken,

Your house is nice. Could you pm me the J&E contact? Thanks.


PM sent


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After a long while, after the 7th month, I will be moving into my new house on Monday. As I thought the reno is done, I just have to get the rest of the stuffs up by today, everything is good to go, whatever thats planned became unplanned for. This would be a ranting post...



1) Singtel

2) Castlery delivering my final items, the dining set

3) Installation of wooden blinds

4) Fix a clicking sound for my living room fan (4th time Elmark came down)


Singtel came and install well.... and 1 problem arise after another...

My block both lifts down (this is the N times my block lift spoil), Castlery could not bring up the dining set.. not my fault, but if re schedule, who pay for the cost? And moving in on Monday without dining set? hmmmm

Bigger problem...

After the blind installer fixed my living room Blinds (got a bit hiccup too as they say there is no wood inside the pelmets), they went into my rooms and say, the curtain pelmets allowance is too small for them to install... So I contract Edmund again for help... The earliest they could remove the cover piece for the pelmet is Monday, the day Im moving in, with all the prayings etc. The earliest the blind installer could fix the blinds, will be Tuesday. So I am going to sleep in the living room or, use some cloth to cover my bedroom. 

The clearance in my rooms are too small... I am not sure the information that was given to different parties.. Maybe I said curtains in room, maybe I did mentioned blinds. maybe the measurement was wrong, or the window grilles are too thick. Too many factors that create this problems.



The only solution is to cut the part in red.


But then, will it be straight and nice?? need to repaint also I guess. My bed is coming on Monday, will it be in time for all the fixes?

Also maybe should have just went ahead with the installation in 7th month, at least problem could have been seen beforehand and not just before moving in.

My advice to future fellow renotalkers, please ensure the clearance for curtain pelmet and install ur blinds etc earlier. Don't make the same mistake as I did. Its painful, till I think if I had paid a higher price and get the grilles and blind from the contractor, would it have been better? 

But then again, all are hindsight ideas which serve no benefits.

Murphy hits me real hard at the worst time, just before I move in with lots of excitement.






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And so I moved in yesterday. It was a hectic day, moving in many stuffs, fixing the pelmet (J&E sub con are quite fast and efficient i must say), moving the bed from my parents place to my place. It was tiring, but nevertheless fulfilling journey. Still awaiting my 2nd batch of Taobao shipment. In the mean time, enjoy the pics.





First meal.



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19 hours ago, bykaraanne said:

Super clean cut home :) enjoy your new best 

Yes. My wife wanted a scandi feel.. while I wanted a minimalist feel. Hopefully able to maintain the looks 


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Bedroom 3 carpentry


Bedroom 2 (my sleeping room)


Remember the pelmet issue? the pelmet was removed on monday on the day I moved in. Then the guys doing the wooden blinds came yesterday to fix up the blinds. 1 thing that I like about J&E is, after this whole saga, they voluntarily offered to fix back a pelmet for Bedroom 3 and 2. For MBR, as there are cupboards, so its not possible to put another pelmet.

The good thing for this is next time if we change to curtain, still got pelmet can cover the tracks (like my living room), The down side will be is will make pop out even more.

As of now, I find the blind looks okay without the pelmet so I told J&E is okay not to have the pelmet. What I like of them is they dint push the blame and proactively offer things even after handover.


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