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Hi all,

I recently want to renovate my BTO premium flat , this is the first time I get quotation from ID , may I know this quote consider expensive or reasonable?

Sorry for bad grammar.


  Free Servies For Items 1-7  
1 Interior Design and space planning layout   
2 Perspective Drawing   
3 Consultation slection of home furnishing  
4 Decoration advice  
5 Jobsite co-ordination and supervision  
6 Apply for HDB renovation permit  
7 Floor protection for masonry work done  


    Mansonry works                            
8    Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles skirting for kitchen cabinet                Per ft $20                 
9    Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for washing machine                $120                
10    Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for fridge                                $120            
11    Construct shower kerb at both bathroom c/wt iles finish                                                   $130     
    Plumbing works                            
12    Extend stainless steel expose pipe for kitchen (Cold only)                                               $630        
13    Install inlet/outlet drainage pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine                           F.O.C             
14    Provide labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater/1 nos of storage heater                         $160                
15    Provide labour to install 2 nos. of accessories for 2 toilets                                               $200         
    Ceiling works                            
16    Design , supply and install fiber plaster light box for living/dining                                     Per SQFT $5.50              
17    Supply and install false ceiling at foyer & bedroom entrance                                           Per SQFT $5.50

    Painting works                            
18    Nippon (V5000) paint for all internal wall & ceiling 4+1 colour                                              $1200          
19    Nippon paint for all doors frame, pipeline and household shelter door and frame                F.O.C                 
    Carpentry works                            
20    Living- Suspended design TV console in laminate finish (6ft)                                               $780        
21    Foyer - Design low height shoe cabinet in laminate finish (5ftX3ft)                                       $780             
22    Foyer - Design settee in laminate finish (2ft)                                                                        $200
23    Master bedroom - Design casement wardrobe in laminate finish (6ft X 8.5ft ht)                  $1400                 
24    Master Bathroom - Design vanity cabinet in laminate finish (5ft)                                          $600            
25    Kitchen - Design and install 20 ft kitchen cabinet c/w 10 ft Quartz kitchen worktop              $4800    

       GLass and windows works
26    Supply & install aluminum sliding windows grills for whole house windows                                             $980                          
27    Supply & install aluminum sliding windows @ Service Yard                                                                    $650.00 
28    Supply & install 10mm tempered sliding glass door @ Kitchen entrance (c/w partition extention)          $800.00 
29    Supply & install pray paint glass backing @ Kitchen (10ft)                                                                      $480.00 
30    Supply & install 10mm tempered wall to wall casement shower screen @ Master Bathroom                 $450.00 

1.All carpentry work c/w solid plywood and internal colour pvc
2.Soft closing system will provide to all cabinet
3.All carpentry work having 2 years warranty
4.All cabinet can choose over 100 type of laminate
5.Kitchen cabinet and Ceiling works need to calculate the area but the calculating way is provided


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Looking for good contractors? Click here for your request

Pricing seems reasonable, except for maybe plumbing works.

Some points to clarify with ID, just my suggestion 

1) # of accessories that you can install for each toilet

2) # of drawers for MBR wardrobe & kitchen cabinets, best to indicate in quotation as some IDs only provide x number of drawers & require top-up if you need more

3) glass backing, is it tempered? 

4) kitchen, are you expecting them to provide dish rack, install sink & tap/mixer, install hood/hob?

5) toilet, need to install tap/mixer for basins? Sorry, not sure what does bto flat include or exclude nowadays, so don't know if some of these items already provided for.

6) Painting works, done when, once after air con piping but before carpentry, & touch-up after carpentry?




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These rates are quite good and reasonable but its better if you can search for other options. May be you will find something cheaper. So keep looking for it. Recently a friend of mine got his kitchen renovated and he said quite good things about the contractor and was affordable as well. The offered him good offers so why not try these out. Instead of going for your old option you can check out here.


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Can get cheaper. Got a contractor to recommend. 

my house was done by golden bricks building contractor located at hougang ave 1.. their service was pretty good and boss was accomodating

no GST and the best part is the price is reasonable... heard they got their own in house carpentry. 

their contact for office is 6281 0091/5736. u can pm me for boss's direct hp too :)



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