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On 11/14/2017 at 1:44 PM, matchalatte said:

so plumbing happened more than a week ago and i only have time to blog. gosh.


the completed bathroom look. everything you see here is from taobao, except for that grey soap dispenser, which is from IKEA lol. i love everything i bought, and so far everything is working, including the mirror with lights. i also love the black shower rod and even bought black shower curtain rings to go with it. whats missing here is a wooden mat that looks like a deck flooring for the shower area. it will arrive in my next shipment. 


also got the plumber to fix a ledge above the toilet bowl. tentatively going to put some things up like a painting, aromatherapy diffuser or a plant. obviously its not going to be a food-related one like you see above, but this is the only picture frame i have right now lol


another view


closeup of the black stone sink and faucet. the stopper in the middle was also bought separately. the sink was ok but i feel that it wasnt sloped well resulting in pooling at some areas. on hindsight i should have bought a smaller one. this 60cm looks kinda oversized in my small bathroom as its even bigger than my kitchen sink. so far so good for the faucet except water marks are really obvious because its black. 


apart from having the bidet spray for the 2 bathrooms, i also have one in the service yard! bought a two outlet faucet from taobao as well, one connects to the spray the other connects to the washing machine. 



kitchen details

appliances will arrive on the 20th, internet activation on the 21st so tentative move in date will be on 21st!

Hello! Your house is beautiful! May I know the link of your TB vanity cabinet at your bathroom? :) Love the shade of brown! And may I know if your gold kitchen tap is the telescopic kind? 


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@orihs2015 hello, im alternating between the official forwarder 4px and mike (kaijun) for container shipping if im shipping bulky items.

@Clarence Lye haha apparently this guy is american and hes gotten a china citizenship and opened a TB shop. with 50K followers i suppose it shd be ok! i may get one when my kenwood one goes kaput haha. 

@plady hello, its custom made by carpenter, not from TB. in case you're interested, i used lamitak's hermes marcello walnut laminate. thanks! whats a telescopic tap? those that can be pulled out? mine cannot.

Edited by matchalatte

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Hello! Thanks so much for your reply and info about the laminate name :) Appreciate it! Yup, I thought it's the pull out kind. Looks gorgeous! I wanna choose a matt black or gold tap from TB but my husband is worried that it may spoil and changing it will be difficult >_<


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did up some shelves outside the bomb shelter over the weekend. it was NOT easy at all as the reinforced concrete is extremely hard and brittle. so we only managed to drill 2cm holes. which is fine actually since im only intending to put some very light things like posters. 

also managed to find real fiddle leaf fig plant from IKEA! really stocking up on them plants coz they liven up the space so much. 


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54 minutes ago, pandacel said:

Looking good!! Any special methods u used to ensure that the shelves are perfectly horizontal? Maybe u can paint the bomb shelter vent black too :P

the seller provided a bubble ruler together with the screws and stuff when i bought the shelves. wanted to paint the vent and handle gold initially but couldnt find the right shade of gold so im just going to leave it for now.


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an (almost) completed living room. got the first batch of posters up on the wall. finally! no more having to rest them against the back of the sofa. also got moar cushions and covers.


and also some decor on my drawer chests :


hubby said we have tooo many stuff now lol, but honestly this is the kind of look i was going for. a mish mash of hygge, nordic, midcentury modern & art deco. 

i will probably upload more pics this week! the weather has been so gloomy lately. 

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