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Hello, everyone! 

I'm usually a lazy person so I can't believe I'm actually here doing this. I just got my BTO flat done up and the whole process of looking for an ID, going through designs and quotations REPEATEDLY to find the right one was such a hassle. We all working adults, where got time?? Every weekend burned. I heard terrible stories from my friends and colleagues of going with the wrong ID, aside from the obvious money loss, there was also constant worrying and bad fixture of lights, tiling, and water piping issues that made things far worse than you could imagine. Waste time and waste money in the long run. To help young couples like myself or any first time ID experience, I'm going to share with you guys my amazing ID that I chanced upon.

I was discussing design plans with another designer (overpriced and not good, can PM me if u wanna avoid potential trouble) at Novena starbucks when I saw Kelvin. Hubby and I noticed he was on his laptop using AutoCAD. Hubby told me this is usually used by architects. We were super impressed with what he was doing (he was shifting furniture from many angles). None of the 4 IDs we discussed with were as professional as this. After our meeting ended, we approached K and asked him if he was an ID. Indeed he was and that was how our reno journey begun. 

Kelvin was beyond impressive and hardworking. To put simply, his work ethics is amazing :good: His follow ups were really super. His prices were decent and in terms of carpentry, workmanship was good and cheaper than most. We found out that he studied architecture in NUS so he had extremely good knowledge in this aspect. Our reno was extremely user-friendly with no cock ups, especially toilets and kitchens (most of my friends horror stories, were that although the design is nice but not functional in LR. problems start popping out after time, piping issues like washing machine or toilets, as a lot of IDs don't have proper knowledge on how houses are built. they only know design from being a copycat is not enough, create a lot of problems underneath the surface). 

One thing that really stood out was this: most IDs I work with gave us designs sketch ups or drawings that look good and impressive. This normally drawn by hand. Make a small room look super big and nice. My friends tell me this just a trick, finished product usually disappointing and lousy. when I see drawings from IDs, I get very skeptical.

My hubby: The room got so big meh? ID: This design will open up your room. Seamless finishing and more windows, blah blah.

For Kelvin, all his designs and floorplans were drawn to exact dimensions. This really help us with choosing the right furnitures and improve our home. No disappointments at all :D

overall, hubby and I are super satisfied and happy with how smooth everything went. Kelvin really gave us a peace of mind, glad to avoid horror stories and start our life in our perfect home.


This was longer than expected so I shall end here. If got questions on design or interested can PM me, happy to share! :rolleyes:

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On 03/09/2017 at 0:09 PM, orionhan said:

hi, would you mind sharing the contact with me please? thanks!


On 10/08/2017 at 8:21 PM, alvsimbh said:

Wow! Would you be able to share some photos of the finished product and this guy's contact? Thanks!

Hi there, you can contact Kelvin at 9118 3626. Feel free to pm me if you wanna see pictures of my humble home. 




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38 minutes ago, BrainWhizz said:

Hi, thanks @zyouzhenfor sharing your story with us. 

What was the price range like for renovating your BTO?

Hi there! I spent 39k for reno, excluding furnishing. 

What about you? Are you getting a new flat?


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