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Sorry guys I would not say my contractor details here. For those who want the contractor details can leave your email here i will email the contacts to you when im free. 


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On 12/02/2018 at 11:11 PM, wendy81 said:

Prices of renovating a home is getting really crazy in singapore. Me and my husband went to 10+ big firms ID and 3 renovation contractors to get a quote for our new house in matilda edge.


All the prices quoted by big firms ID was really huge, came in close to $45-$50k just for my new 5 room bto. My husband and I simply could not afford such huge budget as getting a home had already caused us to wipe out our entire savings and cpf.

Listening to most of the horror stories of renovation scams and bad contractor, we went with the more reliable contractor which my sister used for her renovation 2 years ago

As we had already know what we want in our new house renovation, we decided to went with direct contractor, the prices were also quite similar other than my contractor which actually give us quite a decent price to work with. We managed to squeeze in quite alot of things from our contractor.

My total cost of renovation costed me close to only $35k for vinyl floor, 2 toilet overlay, kitchen cabinets, 3 wardrobes and feature wall + all electrical and plumbing works. So I guess we saved about $10-$15k from the next nearest cheapest quote, and we took the remainder to buy our furnitures and lightings.

I guess thats not including that the chances that desginers will charge me extra for every things not listed in the contract. My contractor did alot of extra stuff for us even though it was not listed in the contract. Even though the whole renovation was to be done in 2 months as stipulated in the contract, my contractor did it with 6.5 weeks allowing us to move in just before this chinese new year.


Hi Wendy, can you share your contractor's details? My email is kay.yan@hotmail.com, thank you! 


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