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Harry Hun

If You Have $10,000, Which Part Of Your House Would You Want To Renovate First?

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Recently my friend just won a Toto with around $10,000+. He wanted to use the money to renovate his house. But he is struggling which part should renovate first? Is it a kitchen, bedroom or living room first? Can anyone give some suggestion or pieces of advice? Thank you so much!

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Depends on the condition of the place and his needs.

Which part of the house has the worst condition?

Is the function of that room fulfilling his needs or he needs it changed?

Basically if there is a part of a house that is not in good condition or is not meeting his needs, he would automatically want to renovate that part first. 

If he cannot decide which to renovate first, then it means either his house does not need renovation or all the parts require renovation that he can't decide.

In the first case, then save the money and don't do renovation. 

Put it in some safe investment rather than ID's pocket.

If all the parts need renovation, then go for the most used area first. 

And try to win another Toto to renovate the other parts. Lol. 


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