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depends on what arrangement you have with the buyer. if not stated in the sale and purchase agreement, then better check with the buyer on it. technically anything moveable can take. but if your blinds are fixed, then becomes a grey area.


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as mentioned, it is a grey area so better check with buyer on whether they want the blinds or not rather than you take it away and they make noise later when they discover it being missing when doing the inspection of the property during the hand over.

by definition, fixtures are items which are more or less permanently attached to the property regardless of whether it can be easily removed or not. blinds would kind of fall under this classification. same as wall mounted fans, aircons, etc which technically are removable as well.

when I sold my flat previously, all wall mounted fans, roller blinds were sold as part of the flat. My curtains wasn't part of the sale but the buyers requested for them so I gave the curtains to them as well when they requested for it.

of cos if you really want to take the blinds away no one is stopping you.



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Blinds usually fall under the classification of being a fixture and fixtures are usually supposed to be part of the house when the house is sold. 

If there is no list of inventories to be left behind or to be removed, then the usual case is that fixtures are assumed to be part of the sale. 

Dont make it that the buyer assume that the blinds are part of the purchase and you assume that you are free to take it away based on your own definitions. Just talk to the buyer on whether he/she wants the blinds or not rather than just take it away. 


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