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Advice needed for penthouse open terrace

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Did a general search but did not see any previous thread of similar nature so here goes.

Recently bought a penthouse (level 16) with an open terrace area of about 800sqft on the upper deck. Went to several IDs and came back with varied roofing suggestions: glass (2), polycarbonate(1), aluminium.

Glass was rule out due to bird****, heat etc. My missus and I are inclined towards opaque/semi opaque solid polycarbonate due to the aesthetic nature over alumimium. 

Anyone who has done polycarbonate in recent years can comment over the heat factor? Any advice is gratefully welcome. 😃


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Hello, I had a client who’s also had a penthouse but is level 12, he used glass for his canopy(enclosed) even if have bird it will be easier to clean compared to polycarbonate.

for Heat wise both is approx the same, glass have film/vacuum/colour to reflect the infra Ray from the sun, polycarbonate have heat reflector type. The heat from the window is also a huge factor,  in short,  even if u insulate all corners, it will be stuffy and hot inside, unless you ON your Aircon In the afternoon( which my client did Everyday) . Even if you open your window for ventilation or level 16 your wind quite strong one, the IR will still come in and heat up your room




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On 8/11/2019 at 10:26 PM, Inferno said:

Seems no one has any advice for me. Moderator can close this thread. Thanks.

The forum is a lot quieter .. so it's best to talk to a contractor ..

I used polycarbonate for my front and rear porch. Its slight tinted, so the floor doesn't get so warm. The darker it gets, the less light gets in. You will need something like V Cool if you really want a darker shade. 


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