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Anyone has any thoughts on the cost of making an attic plus pool in the attic ? Any issues associated w roof top pool in terms of leakage, maintenance over the years etc ?




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Roof top pools tend to involve more technical expertise 

it’s beautiful and an infinity pool design can be lovely but some issues

waterproofing is vital

engineer assessment of weight bearing 

service and maintenance of the pump system

moisture control

make sure you have a three phase 63a power supply as a minimum 

How to make it watertight is the key 



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While it is a nice unique feature to a property, not to mention it help to increase, to a small extend, the reselling consideration. The following are my thoughts as a builder to highlight to you:

1. Privacy might be an issue. I say this as some owners might design there attic's entire floor to be their Main Bedroom with extended outdoor terrace. Hence access to the pool for the rest of the occupants or visitor must be included in your consideration.

2. Space for pool will be more restricted as compare to pool that are build on ground floor. The authorities allow sunken structures such as pool, basement to be extended to the boundary lines. In layman's term, this means the external face for the sunken structure is align with the boundary. This will maximize GFA usage if the pool is on the ground floor as compared to other floors (ie: 2nd storey, attic). This also added consideration on overall property's design constraint, room space allocation & configuration.

3. Overall construction cost will be slightly higher as having an attic pool will incur extra dead load (layman's term fixed loading weight as Engineer will have to assume the pool will be filled with water at all times) to the building as compare to conventional sunken ground floor pool. Structurally the steel bars encase in concrete will increase to handle the extra load. This is in addition to additional waterproofing measures which increases the cost as builder has to consider warranty factors (added risk of leakage even if everything is done to spec).

4. Vibration / noise of pool pumps might affect the cost as additional design must be done to counter this. I'm not a pool equipment specialist but from the jobs I works on over the years. such pumps are usually allocated near the pool.

5. Addition pump (not for the pool) for supply to the entire property might be required to regulate & balance flow pressure to all kitchen, bath , pool etc.

6. Long term maintenance may be higher as compare to sunken ground pool.


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the constant hum of the motors will be a real issue

a pool on level one is easier but I’m guessing you have an inter terrace

there’s such a house in ST today for you to consider

they use the entire ground floor for a 21m pool. 

Logistically much simpler to construct 

you save on GFA and costs as mentioned 


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Generally, I personally feel an attic pool is only practically, economically & esthetically feasible if the property is a bungalow. (ie: GCB, detached dwelling house, etc)

Space wise, if pool is on suspended floors (2nd floor & up, super structure above ground), it's a fight to balance room size against pool size.

Besides, a pool is more enjoyable if the size allows actual swimming. Or else, it ends up as a dipping pool or a spa pool. Worse case scenario, bad design may affect the overall esthetic of the property (risk of looking more like a pond as there's limit on the pool depth as storey height is a factor).

Another point I highlighted previously to expand here. The pump (not the pool's pump) may be needed to supply the property to regulate the flow pressure. If this is not done, then the owner may experience low pressure dripping shower while the pool's water is being filled from time to time. This translate to extra cost on M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) works. A ground pool doesn't require a dedicated main pump (not the pool's pump) for entire house unless the ground floor level exceed Singapore's minimum reduced level of 125 meters.

I'm not against the idea but just thought you should avoid unnecessary risk / cost (both long term & construction) of building an attic pool.

Remember, water is powerful when it comes to leakage. Even when the best waterproofing company is engage, it's never 100%.

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You are referring to the house in Joo Hong Road.

Search google keyword archdaily, Joo Hong Road will have all the architectural floor plans, elevation & sectional view


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18 hours ago, yoongf said:

Google search this term


 A multi-generational terrace home with a hidden swimming pool

It's a silly forum when spam bots can post anything, and we can't post legit links.

I don't think there are any mods who are listening .... hello.... 

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