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5 Steps to An Easy-Clean Kitchen
As a place of much activity, it’s no surprise that the kitchen attracts grime as easily as a magnet attracts steel. Luckily, with just a few smart material and design choices, you can still m...

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Interior Design Theme in Singapore
Fernvale Lea - House Of Library
Unity ID Pte Ltd
| View 41897
Interior Design Theme in Singapore
The Entertainment Hub
Unity ID Pte Ltd
| View 41897
Interior Design Theme in Singapore
4 room BTO flat at Compassvale Boardwalk
Unity ID Pte Ltd
| View 41897

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Philips: 61022 Dim RD 3

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Philips: Ceiling Lights (30807)

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Wooden Egg Cabinet

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Bedding: Flutterby Kids Quilted Coverlet

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Life is too short to waste your time working and living in spaces you find uninspiring. As homeowners ourselves, we know the joy that can come from renovating your home and transforming your living space into somewhere that is truly inspiring. To help others achieve their residential dream, we designed RenoTalk, a community portal which is a unique information hub for all things renovation and interior design related in Singapore. Whether you're undertaking a BTO renovation, have decided it's finally time to give your HDB flat a facelift, or simply want to source some reliable contractors, RenoTalk is the right place to come to.

On our website you can browse through numerous community forums, listings, articles, photos, and packages. Members are also able to plan their dream renovation with the help of a mood board. This site is designed as a space where people can ask questions, share knowledge and experiences, and above all, indulge in their passion for quality interior design. Connect with some of the best interior designers in Singapore, find package renovation deals that represent true value for money, and find quality contractors to carry out the job for you. When it comes to renovations, knowledge is power, and our goal is to connect homeowners so that they can make better, more informed decisions.

From HDB and BTO Renovation Packages to Reliable Contractors and Everything in Between

Whether you are planning a large scale makeover working with contractors, or simply want to find some quick, simple ways to lift the appearance of your living space, RenoTalk is where you'll find the answers. From professional designers to HDB homeowners who have just completed a renovation and want to share their experiences, this website provides you with a diverse range of resources to help you realise your dream home.

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