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    Here are some pictures of the "other side" of my kitchen! We have a nice miniature desert garden going on there in the green IKEA pot nicely done up by hubby. Much love! We have a F&P sandstone fridge that blends really well with our concept. Love the fact the the freezer is at the bottom and the main food compartment is on top. Don't have to bend too much to access food! Two thumbs up! Lights are again from taobao. We changed the bulbs so we can have more light in the kitchen. Mandatory to change TB light bulbs if you are using them as your main light source. This is the view from the other side of the kitchen looking out into the service yard. We only hacked away the windows and door. Left the walls there as we still wanted to partition the service yard and kitchen in some way and also, so that we can have a clean stop to where the kitchen cabinets will go. You can go all the way and extend your kitchen. Depends on how you want to style it and your budget. But then you would lose your place to hang some clothes! I've seen some pretty decent and chic looking open concept kitchens here in renotalk where the walls between the kitchen and living are hacked. Very innovative and very nice but also very expensive.
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    Back after a bit of a hiatus so I must warn that it will be a pretty long post Renovation has been progressing at a steady pace and as of now all tiling works are done up so here's a summary of what's happened so far. Both my husband and I finish work late in the evenings so by the time we think of paying our home-to-be a visit, it gets pretty dark and we look very suspicious peeping through the windows trying to catch a glimpse of our house. Given our schedules, we have pretty much placed our trust in our contractor to organise things to ensure that tasks go smoothly and we also rely heavily on him to tell us when to purchase items. In one such instance we suddenly found ourselves very pressed for time when he asked us to buy alllll the bathroom accessories (WCs, wash basins, heater etc etc) by Thursday when we hadn't even seriously considered what or who to buy these items from. Very pressed for time, we went to GR Link Marketing and purchased all these items and here's a list of the purchase: 1) 3 WCs: Baron 303 2) 3 Wash Basins : (upside down) Only 2 pictured here as I couldn't lift the 2nd off the 3rd. It was so heavy! 3) 3 WB faucets (all 3 same design except that 1 is the shorter version of the other 2 as it's placed on the basin) ( 2 of this taller version) (1 shorter version) 3 Bidet Sprays 2 Rain shower sets with hand showers 25L Joven Water heater Lots of misc parts that I know not what they are called. I must say that Uncle Benny was very easy to talk to and the delivery service was excellent and on time; not to mention, the price was very competitive. What neither the contractor, me nor my sister (who was there on our behalf to settle the balance amount) could understand was how the WCs entered the house before any of us got there! I freaked out and called the delivery guy to ask why he left without taking the balance and he said he hadn't even reached :/ So basically we don't know who put the WCs there. Apart from the bathroom items, husband and I went down to mega discount store and purchased the Mitsubishi MRF62C SS and the Bosch HBN331E2J built-in oven at a good bargain too! Haven't arranged a delivery date with them as of yet so hoping everything goes well. Also, we managed to get all the down lights and T5s over the weekend through my very kind cousin and cousin-in-law who bought it for us from KL and to put it simply, buying stuff from Malaysia is soooo much cheaper!! Oh right! No pictures of that for now.. House pictures coming up in next post due to photo limit!
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    No need lah, but it would be good if your ID is located in the same area as yours, so that when you are not happy with his work, just walk over to his office & bang tables
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