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  1. I engaged Faith Coat few years back for my kitchen, toilet & bathroom. Kitchen & toilet were still good, but bathroom walls started to show cracks 2 yrs later. I believe it is due to moisture on the walls after each shower.
  2. This is because they were no longer good. I engaged them in 2008 and kena their lousy workmanship, really vomit blood.
  3. Hi Aron, Ah Boon came to my place yesterday evening for site survey. I told him to schedule my installation on 3/8, could you work with him on a quotation suitable for me? I want 4-ticks energy saving Mit Starmex units. Thanks.
  4. Novita is good enough, no need to go for Japanese brands.
  5. Hi Aron, I have dropped you an email from hongkc@gmail.com. Meanwhile could you provide me a quote for Mit Starmex system-3 (9k + 9k +12k)? Thanks.
  6. Hi, you can try this guy for plumbing work. Mr Chang, HP 97526120. He did my water heater leaking last year, good & reliable. If he asks who recommends him, you can say someone from Public TCM Clinic. I was attached there & met him a few times.
  7. Hi, Mr Yeak mobile no is 92389340.

  8. Mine was done by Mr Chew in 2008, when he was still not so busy with his biz. His choices for blinds were limited at that time. Yes, he left no mess after putting up the blinds, but I don't find its quality that fantastic, just average, nothing great to talk about. When I noticed that all the plastic blinds stopper were cracked, I told him abt it on the spot, he said he would come back again to replace all of them. But he never turned up. I expected it since biz was over & payment fully made. So I used super glue to seal up those cracks. My master bedroom will have morning sun for 6 mths & study room for next 6 mths, so I only pulled the blinds everyday for 6 mths in each room. After 4 yrs, they are still working fine, thanks God. My advice is, if your want cheap but ok stuff, go for him.
  9. I also used dehumidifier... Switch it on when I reach home... Turning on the aircon is too costly unless I need to sleep, using dehumidifier is cheaper...
  10. 1. She already bought 1 HDB few years back. She plans to rent out the bigger HDB & stay in the SB. 2. Maybe, or they can rent it out. End of the day, there are many singles in Sgp, & FT who came here alone for work.. there is still pretty strong demand for SB units... actually, if people can afford a big house, who would want to buy/rent a SB?
  11. I knew 2 people who bought SB. 1. are they single ? Why do they buy it ? What is their age like ? Single, bought it for self-stay, >40yo. 2. If not single (married) - why do they buy it ? What is their age like ? Married couple, for investment, >55yo.
  12. You can try this uncle. His name is Mr Chang & mobile no. is 9752-6120.
  13. Hi all, Found a reliable plumber who charge reasonable. A freelance who takes job in plumbing, sanitary works & water heater installation. His name is Mr Chang & mobile no. is 9752-6120. Just changed my leaking water heater tap recently. As he did a good job, I told him I will help to advertise his service. Pls try him if you need a plumber. Thanks for reading
  14. Hi, sorry for my late reply. No, I didn't take any pic of his lousy work as I started my part-time study after I moved in. Have been quite busy with my course. If you have friends studying TCM, you will know how stressful it is. Maybe I should take some pics before I do a revamp reno work next year, sure want to remove whatever work done by HB. Now I feel pity for the granite kitchen top as the reno will definitely spoil it
  15. When I first used Patrick in early 2008 for my flat, I thought he was good as I read so many good posts about him in previous years. But I regretted deeply after using him. The workmanship was lousy, materials used were of low standard, management was very poor. I had to rang him several times in front of his workers as he did not give the right instructions to them. He even had the cheek to tell me not to ring him during weekend as that was his family time. I wrote about his lousy work in this forum in 2008 but I am surprised people still believe him. He might give you a very good first impression during house visit, but your nightmare would begin after the reno starts.
  16. Spent the time to watch both video... Nicole is better.
  17. Hi jaskel, really surprised that you sold your florida condo n moved to another house within such a short time. I went to your condo the last time you had open house, it was really nice, I thought you planned to stay there for a long time, hence, threw in a big sum for reno. Nevertheless, your current flat is also very nicely done up, great job mate How is your dad? Hope he is doing well. I had a nice chat with him the last time I visited your place.
  18. Using just steam cleaner, your floor will be pretty wet, have to wait for it to dry before you can walk over it. You might also want to consider their steam vacuum cleaner, combines the job of steam cleaner & vacuum cleaner, excess water will be sucked back into the machine. At one time I was very tempted to buy one, but the bulky weight + high cost hold me back.
  19. Real good? Go for Rainbow brand, very ex. Other good ones are Miele, Dyson, Karcher.
  20. My bf went there to buy locks for my main door & gate 2 yrs ago... price was pretty cheap.
  21. You are welcome, himouse I bought their Twist System last time I went to their shop... mop head is flat & bigger than my sponge mop... mopping time is reduced to half now... still have energy & time to read my books after doing the housework Hi alan26, is that a MagicClean floor wiper? I am using that to wipe the floor b4 mopping... wrapping a cloth over it to do mopping work is a good idea, but got to use bare hand to drain off the water leh... also find the handler/arm too short, even though I am not tall at all
  22. Hi, thanks for your advice... actually, I just want to find a shortest way to mop a house... cos I work full-time & study part-time now, don't even have time to sleep, how to find time to do housework? Anyway, for those who are interested to buy Leifheit products but find that Tangs & Taka are selling too expensive... I found the supplier of this brand... they do sell to walk-in customers... this is their website, www.hogarmas.com The price is much cheaper... open during warehouse sale or by appt only, ring them up before you go.
  23. The quoted price usually includes labour fee, but might exclude GST.
  24. Your wife is correct, listen to her, you won't regret
  25. Yes. Electrical wiring can last for easily 30 yrs.