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    there are a few ways... like salt at 4 corners of the home, using singing bowl and sprinkle holy water, or white sage. personally i am using the singing bowl and white sage. problem with salt is that it needs to be cleaned. sprinkle holy water can be a problem due to moisture. have been using white sage now for 3 years. btw check out this website if you want to know how is your zodiac... they compiled 4 masters prediction on the same site. http://sacredsagesg.com/Zodiac2015.php
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    Hi! congrats on embarking your renovation and dream home. Just looking at your items -- what is the IKEA Lagan worktop used for?
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    Thanks Ivy. I went ahead with the FSM tho he was in your list, cos the appointment aldy made. I found him ok, didn't ask me to buy this and that, gave me opinions on where should put what and what colours etc too. Whether accurate or not I don't know yet la... but didn't give me a bad feeling. So... shall see la...
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