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  1. i got a 35L Joven JH35 HE storage heater for 2 bathrooms with rain shower. If u can afford the space, the price difference is only $20 for 25L to 35L. Just that it takes slight longer to warm up if it is bigger. Another question -- do you guys turn off the water heater or just let it auto shutoff?
  2. Hi! congrats on embarking your renovation and dream home. Just looking at your items -- what is the IKEA Lagan worktop used for?
  3. Hi Leon! Thanks for accepting the "challenge" and making delicious looking meal! All i asked for was the model number and how much you go it for. But i looked on Rinnai's page based on your picture and saw that it was the RBO-7MSO. Was wondering why didn't you choose the RBO-85ETIX? Thanks for the effort! My place is 80% done up now and currently looking for home appliances.
  4. Hi guys, I bought 2 units of WC (toilet bowl) with 150mm (6") S-Trap for my new resale place. It came together with my furniture shipment from Taobao. It is from TMall manufacturer's flagship store so it is extremely well made. I have opened up to inspect and both arrived in pristine condition. But after putting up the tiles for the toilet, the distance from the wall to my drainage hole shrunk to 100mm (4"), therefore i was not able to use the WC for my house. I hope someone else could benefit from this two WC for their new home that has a 150mm (6") wall to drainage hole distance. I opted for the UREA soft-close covers as well. Below are some pictures and dimensions. They came packed in the packing as per below: Looking to just recoup my cost of item and freight. Reason i got from TMall is because a similar Baron W888or Arino Caprio WC is about S$350-$390 and both are also made in China. Some is equipped with PP cover which is not as durable. Self collection at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1. Selling for S$160/ea. If you take both i will let go at S$150/ea.
  5. hi leonjenna, What Oven are you using? Is it the Rinnai one? How is it?
  6. no, have not used a storage heater before. Looking to get a 25L or 35L joven. Any advise on the sizing people?
  7. Hey, How much did you pay for the 18W service yard light and the toshiba spot lights? Thanks!
  8. So safe to say that if i have two bathrooms only, JH 35 HE should suffice?
  9. Hi StyloCool, Your place looks fabulous. I applaud the daring and bold designs and kudos to your designer. I guess seeing the end results would be extremely satisfying. Im embarking on my renovation now and some parts your place's design has been inspiring. My budget is smaller, so i'm making the best out of my boundaries. For example, the living room i initially wanted to have beams going across the ceiling, but fengshui suggested that beams are not ideal. The decisions to go with design and/or fengshui More pics from you!
  10. Hey Bianzi, So which TV mount did you get in the end? I'm planning to the get 50W800B as well, so will need to install a TV mount. Which Sanus model did you get that was universal and can fit the Sony W800B? Appreicate if you can share!
  11. Thanks Jiawen! Your blog has been quite useful. Thanks for the effort in sharing information. How's the Sharp TV? For the size it's really worth the money, but i have not really seen the picture quality before.
  12. hi there, Just wondering if your Panasonic System 3 aircon is still running well and good after first install?