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    Sounds amazing. Plus you can't beat the price! I think we will go for the same model for our living room! Thanks so so much I do really appreciate all your helpful responses so far. Sending hugs to you!
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    The wind flow is pretty good, we leave it on 1 most of the time. We purposely have our sofa where it is now (away from the wall) because that's where the most wind created by the fan + most cooling, but that is also because my living room is very wide (5m wide) so if you have a smaller space I think the wind coverage should be great. We have the same fan upstairs in the MBR (almost same size as our living room) and sometimes when it's very very warm at night it might need to be put in speed 2 (but we're too lazy lol) but most of the time speed 1 is sufficient for us.
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    Dear all Renotalk Bro & Sis, We are doing promotion for brand such as Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi etc. What are you waiting now?...... Ask a quote from us at once. Remember tell us what brand are you prefer ? How many system 1/2/3/4 ? Cooling capacity 9K BTU/ 12K BTU/ 18K BTU / 24K BTU ? property type HDB/BTO/Condo/landed ? We will reply you as soon as possible with promotion Warmest Regards, Michelle
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    Right things first: 1. $. Size, tenure, downpayment, cpf, bank, instalments, 5% hidden, reno.....press the calculator hard and right before too late. It's a hard financial commitment. 2. Location. tpt, schools, malls, mkts, gardens, park, young, old......set yr preferences right, so you can tell others WHY u buy. If you can't tell why, please don't buy..... 3. Floor.(at least i'm very particular about this) 4. Time frame for search and decision making/action.... Give chance for others to continue...
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