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    Congrats on the completion of reno and start of new life in your lovely house. Have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the walk through of reno journey
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    try going to expo.. right at the back extreme left, got 1 small shop doing solar film..
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    Hi fellows. Recently I collected the keys to my apartment & observed some physical conditions which I ain't certain whether to pursue or not. Perhaps can provide some opinion whether you will classify the follow as defects? 1) Weird grey dots/materials along wooden wall skirting I observed a lot of these dabs of grey colour material distributed somewhat-evenly along all the skirting of my bedrooms. May I know what they are, & should I report them as defects in the skirting? 2) hollow skirting All the skirting in my bedrooms are hollow except for some minor regions where the skirting wraps around the edges of 2 walls. Should I expect solid skirting or is solid skirting a myth for public housing nowadays? 3) weak water flow from outlet beside toilet bowl will try to update this with a video; but in the mean time, does weak water flow count as a defect? 4) erratic water flow from shower heads will also try to update this with a video.My shower head will have terribly weak water pressure for around half a minute after which the pressure will suddenly increase. Is this a defect? 5) Water always accumulated/observed in floor traps' drainage Before the water supply is turned on for my unit, there is already water accumulated in the drainage pipes of all my floortraps. I don't think the drainage pipe is supposed to retain water, as that will invite those drain flies & of course, mosquito. Do I report this? ...to be continued...
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