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    Big supplier like choo chiang marketing will have the stuff with outlets in many areas. Price is not the cheapest though. If you can find time between 8am to 5pm on weekdays, then kelantan lane in Jalan Besar area next to DSC clinic have a supplier. Else Verasamy road nearby will have many suppliers like Kim siah or Albert Hoo including Choo Chiang. DB cover usually need to use with the same model base and sold as a set. Can’t really mix and match. So if you want to replace need to replace everything including the base which will mean you need to power down further up the line or even from the main incoming just to be safe. Neutral and live wires can cause short if touched even if the MCB is turned off. Need to shut down the main incoming breaker to cut off the neutral connection as well as the 3 phases to really cut off everything.
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    the timer module can fail after years of use. there's no user replaceable part inside. you can try to bypass by flipping up the cover and pull down the switch from Auto to I. if doesn't work, you can try to swop the timer module with the one on the right side. you need to open the DB cover and then disconnect the wires connected to the timers. remember to turn off the breakers first and confirm there's no electricity flowing by using a test pen. once the wires are disconnected, make sure the wires do not touch anything as you can cause a short. if confirmed timer failed, you can buy a new one online or from electrical component suppliers.
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    My builder came through nicely: $500 for the one at the gate, and one more at the smaller DB for L3. He also fixed the spoiled isolator and wall sockets affected, and helped me install an outdoor lamp that needed replacement.... Half a day's work.
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