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  1. hi bro I need to have a 50-52 in fan for my master bedroom, don't need fancy design or light. Prefer Amasco brand, any recommendation ? can PM me quote as well (plus installation)
  2. hi from my own experience, tic-tac mechanism get to spoil fast !...not sure if there is other kind but mine (2 diff designs) are made of plastic.. which means can broke off easily after "tic-tac" a few times.
  3. hi FYI, my master bedroom also extended and my ID managed to change flooring to parquet with the same color tone... just to let you know it is do-able
  4. Hi Another St 64 Neighbour ^_^ Very unique concept ! can't wait for the complete pix .. must be very nice.
  5. One thing about the balloting system that i realized recently, those with good balloting experience has never posted a word about the system, opinions/comments are only heard from those who failed. Each and everyone has their own story but still so it's kind of unfair to look at the system single sided. I believe many has passed chance to buy from ballot exercise due to "bad location","low floor", "can't wait for it to complete" and so on... it's all personal preferences and the blame should not be put on HDB.
  6. the thing about the refund is already settled... the refund agreement is signed. My question as above. Thanks.
  7. Hi all Before I moved to my own place, i rented an unit with my friends... now that my friends want to terminate the rental contract , negotiated a refund amount which is signed by the agent and all tenants. The problem is the agent is seems playing prank ( eg .. first say she will refund to all individually, then say will only refund to 1 person ) bla bla bla.... now after 2 weeks or handling over, my friends still haven't get the refund. Is there any regulation on this ? like the maximum time an agent can hold on to the refund deposit? *the owner is an old lady , so we can only deal with the agent.
  8. same here.. need HS shelf contact.. btw Esther... got anymore pics update after moving in ?
  9. keke ytd was on my way home then i notice the your house lights is on =X edit... wow your house is sure full of youth.. haha
  10. hey neighbours... i need contact for storeroom shelves... keke... yea.. so long still haven get ! haha recently things gt more and more.... so will really need it soon.
  11. this thread certainly gt the "WOW" factor the best thing ? this nice house is going to be just a lift ride away ! :Phaha