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  1. wow its very nice. Whereabout did u get it and how much?
  2. use a very fine sandpaper to clear off the rust
  3. solid surface like the brand corian can be more ex than granite but black galaxy most expensive. if u compare black solid surface to black granite and white solid surface to white or light granite then granites are easier to maintain.
  4. ya i bought the Mr Muscle Mold remover from NTUC. Cant clean off the entire 'black mold' 'captured along the silicon strip. I had left it overnight for 2 nights...smelly leh. Maybe its super stubborn stain as I tried to clean off the mold after staying there for more than 2 years. 'They' already got 'their' PR so 'they' definitely wont wanna leave anyway no more problem now since I already sold off the unit. Now new place no shower screen.
  5. I think u can also contact HDB or u prefer to let them do it. Previously my parents place also the same. Downstairs always complain to HDB and insist we float the MBR toilet to give problems to her toilet as well as her MBR ceiling. Yup MBR ceiling. HDB came to do the float test twice and nothing happened. In the end, no fault of ours as nothing could be found and HDB also closed the case. Btw, our MBR was even used for bathing and yet they insisted that we wet her ceiling EVERYDAY! Singapore too stressful so many crazy ppl around.
  6. Ya true but sometimes go thru the authority might not always be a bad thing as they'll be the middle party and if works need to be done, both upstairs n downstairs owners pay lesser with their recommended contractor.
  7. did your neighbour make any official complaints to the authority concerned? Let them go thru the proper channel and have it settled the proper way. U need not engage your own contractor to hack and re-do everything.
  8. may or may not wreck the kitchen cabinet as my friend done it before after taking over her resale flat.
  9. never seen or used before but previously heard from an ID that they can get it from tile shops or hardware shops. Think Home-fix also sells it but maybe not the brand that u're looking for
  10. hello88

    Wall Decals

    where's 1023? near to?
  11. heee....tks settling in and taken some pics but still pondering if i should start a t-blog. Pai seh leh
  12. heee.....missed me? ya, i'm still hanging around but can I still post in this thread since I have 'officially' resigned. Oops, i'm already posting here. hahahaha
  13. some teak furniture shops suggested in singaporbrides 1)The Shophouse, 22 Lock Rd, Gillman Village, www.theshophouse.com 2)*Scanteak, 60 Sungei Kadut 3)Mirage Fineteak, 8 Lock Rd, Gillman Village 4)Ethnic Homes, 802 Upper Serangoon Road 5)Teakland Gallery, 20 Upper Serangoon Road 6)Goodfurn, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Tel:6467-5976, www.goodfurn.com.sg 7)Helping Hand, 819 Upper Serangoon Road, thehelphand.3source.org/ 8)*The Home Merchant, 11 Changi South Lane, #01-01,Seng Soon Industrial Building, Tel:6546-2378, www.thehomemerchant.com 9)Colonial Antiques, 28 Lor Ampas S(328781) 10)PLANK, Park Mall 11)Natural Living, 9 Penang Rd #03-01, Park Mall, Tel:6334-8928, www.natural-living.com.sg 12)Wihardja, 175 Ubi Avenue 4, Pan Malayan Warehouse, Tel:6741-7717, www.wihardja.com.sg 13)X'tra Resort, 9 Penang Road #02-01 Park Mall Singapore 238459, Tel:6339 4664 14)Pasaraya Gallery, Kewalram House, 8 Jalan Kilang Timopr #01-01 S159305 15)*Marquez, Pasir Panjang Road (opposite PSA/NOL Building), www.marquezliving.com 16)Hendon Creation Pte Ltd, 1 Irving Road #02-00, Neo Industrial Building, Tel: 6289 9379, www.hendoncreation.com 17)Ethnic Woods, #04-08 Paragon, Tel:6737-3440 18)John Erdos Gallery, 83 Kim Yam Road, Tel:6733-5100 19)The Rainforest Resort Living, 6 Jalan Ampas, #01-04, Tel:6338-9788 20)Country Haven, 452 Upper Bukit Timah Road, The Rail Mall, S678206, Tel: 65-67643904 21)Changi village antique's at Katong mall, http://cva.com.sg/ 22)Pagoda Teak Furniture, 8 Jalan Kilang Barat Singapore 159351, Tel:6272-5767 23)Vintage Palace Pte Ltd, Blk 7 #01/03 Dempsey Road, Tel: 64792181 24)Teak Villa, 5 Upper Aljunied Link #01-05, S367903, Tel: 62844556 25) Frangipani Homes, 177 River Valley Road, #01-19, #02-26/31, #02-38/40 Liang Court, Tel: 64819182 26)Silver River, 5 Little Road #B1-01/04 & 06 Cemtex Industrial Building
  14. Its best for buyers to sign an indemnity form if there's intention to carry out reno before 2nd appointment. Gotta be fair to seller too and just in case there's dispute if something goes wrong along the way.
  15. http://www.mudian.com.sg/ always advertise in classified acts but recent months have stopped. Dont know why but maybe to cut cost i think it'll be slightly cheaper to change the laminates so most people tear down and do up new cabinets.