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  1. Hey bro Dinoxp, dun PM la.... This kinda fella just expose him officially here. So fellow renovators can shame him...
  2. Love the PES area.... It will feel like living in a landed cluster housing...
  3. Hey gurus.... My Condo is TOP-ping soon, as i have a balcony size of 5.5m by 2.1m, i plan to use it as my dining area. In order to maximise space usage and project a deeper depth of my living area, i wish to remove the sliding doors leading to the balcony. Hence the levelling up of balcony to match the living room floor, and of course to keep ourselves dining in comfort i will like to enclosed up the balcony to keep air conditioning within. Now my queries, 1) Can i overlay tiles to raise my balcony's floor height( approx 50mm) 2) Will i be allowed to remove the developer supplied sliding doors from living to balcony? (affects visage???) 3) Use of "Glass curtains" to enclosed the balcony forbidden by URA? (Can i install and use it discreetly? Hoping all well informed gurus to help en lighten me please.... Thanks in Advance.
  4. yea... interested in your fan purchase location n pricing as well.
  5. Yo koxxic, congrats.... We are in the same situation and timeline... my place is also expecting TOP end of this year. To add that I will be following your blog closely I will start 1 soon too. Interesting to note that we have almost the same layout, less the kitchen/yard area that is different. Looking forward to your sharing. p.s. let me know how u feel abt the IDs aft mtg up w them, my intended ID/con also in your list. cheers
  6. Great view you have there! Will so murder someone for that kinda view..... Love it and staying tuned in!
  7. Just sharing my purchase experience.... I bought sink, heater n hood+hob from Poh Joo..... one of the cheapest place after 1 month of tearing down Balestier n Jln bersah.... Found PJ sales ppl very patient n willing to give advices le.... even give free gifts... I bought sanitary ware from Genova... As i have said my trottling of places another value for money place. I took a package from them and paid 388 for a one pc BARON WC, 1 square basin with square tap with all fittings.... welll NOTE it's a 1 pc bowl! Regards
  8. I am currently renovating my place and found my contractor to be very honest and reliable, his prices are very reasonable with good work too. Dun knoe if can post tel nos here PM me if u wan. Regards.
  9. 1) Swt Main Swt on CCT Breaker box 'OFF'. Unless u knoe which fuse it is connected to than u can swt that particular one off, else PLAY SAFE swt off MAINs 2) Use a test-pen to ensure no more current running by tapping on all wires making sure test-pen does not light up. 3) Screwdriver (usually philips head). Undo the whole holder. Draw a diagram of what colour wires go into which screw due when replacing new holder you have to place the coloured wires back the same sequence. 4) Go buy another bulb holder from any hardware shop, usually 5 bucks. 5) No drilling required as all holes on ceiling would have been drilled with wall plugs in there. 6) Replace holder, screw back bulb. 7) Switch Mains back ON 8) Try switching it ON.... Light UP>Good.....No Light>Get electricial...... at least we tried..... However if you do not knoe anything abt wiring better not try unless accompanied by someone who kones how to do it.... Cos if MAINS not OFF, during replacement of holder YOU will get ELECTROCUTED! Too high a risk if you do not knoe anything abt electrical wiring. Just trying to help.....Regards