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  1. Hi friends78, Can I check with you who is the agent for 707? Any numbers to provide me with? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in the chairs onli, how much are the 4 chairs?
  3. Hi yangly11, I engaged Melvin as my ID, but I have not collected my keys, therefore my reno havent start yet, but so far his services not bad. Felt comfy wif him. =)
  4. Hi Aron, just PM-ed you. Pls revert. Thanks!
  5. Hi Jerome, can quote me on following: Rinnai RB-3Si hob & RH-90 ER (MS, G,S) hood. Thanks!
  6. Hi bro, am interested in the Fanco brand ceiling fans with light kits. May I know what is the price range? Am thinking of getting 3 ceiling fans with light kits for the bedrooms and 1 ceiling fan without light kits for the living room.
  7. Hi Aron, oh ya, i forgot to mention I'm looking for inverter.
  8. Hi Aron, I'm looking at system 3 (1x12000 BTU for MBR, 2x9000 BTU for 2 other bedrooms). Can give me a quote? And if we switch on the aircon is all 3 bedrooms, how many BTU for the compressor shld we consider? Thanks!
  9. Hi Jerome, do you have any package whereby it includes the hood, hob & built-in oven? Can let me know the specs, brand and price? Thanks!
  10. Hi bro, can advise is it true if we install lightings on the ceiling fan, when the fan is turned on, the lights oso will move slightly? And am looking for ceiling fan with both remote control feature and pull string for my living room, can quote me? Thanks!
  11. Hi yoongf, I jus spoke to the designer yesterday & enquired on the bath tub. Apparently he told me no need to take out any tiles, coz he will jus put the tub on top of existing tile, but come to tink of it, i beta not play ard wif this, so as not to haf any waterproofing issues in future. Btw, i also found a website which sells portable bath tub, looks ok, so if i really want a bath tub, will most likely buy tat. Heheh! As for the heater, designer actually suggested using citygas heater, but i told him i heard ppl say it's no gd coz it takes some time for the water to be hot, but he said otherwise. He said citygas is gd and hot water is almost immediate after turn on shower. Am not too sure on tat tho. Anyway, the designer's quote (wich he gave us yesterday after 2nd appt), is considered too high for us, considering the tings tat he will be doing for us. So most likely will be giving him up. Now am considering another firm, but jus read the forum thread, seems like not too gd reviews. Haiz...