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  1. i got my doors from CONTAT DECOR. price is cheap for custom made but its in bedok.
  2. i got my lamps from LikeLights, they are mainly dealing with commercial project and they sell to end-users at wholesale price. Design is very forward like those u see in very hip restaurants. After spending 2 days along Balestier & Geylang, seeing the same tacky stuff over and over again. this shop is really different. they have very small selection but they are only scandinavian or industrial or designer lamp. overall price is cheap and quality is very good cos they are commercial grade and commercial price. otherwise i would recommend hip van and etch&bolts if you dare to take rise from online shop. they are have also very cool ones.
  3. Was back at my new place and contractor ask how to rewire the dining table lamp yesterday. we wanted the lamp in the centre of our dining table but the point HDB gave was not where the propose dining area should be. We took some risk and decided to not change the lighting point HBD provided. instead to go with this Scandi-Concept with wires swinging around i went back the the lighting shop to get 2 hooks and everything up by 6pm last evening seems like a pleasant accident that my contractor screw up the lighting point. will have alot of story to tell during house warming i guess.
  4. hi Muffinkins, the contractor screw up my lighting points and im still waiting for them to retify. house is till in a mess. will share with you guys once the contractor clean out.
  5. i got these exact ones from Likelights_sg. all got $30 discount cos i did 4 barn doors from Contat Decor and they are giving 4 x $30 likelights voucher. which i used for this 3 lamp the before discount was $100 for the smaller and $112 for the larger. and i paid around $220 for all 3. which i think its quite cheap considering its a Finland Designer piece. the copper make the house look a bit more "atas" looking. havent install the lamp yet cos the table is not here.
  6. Im getting the black version of this lamp for our dining tables our first intended design was thos old vintage bulb with cage, but after painting our wall in grey we decided to go more scandi than industrial. only getting the 3 on the left, cos our table not going to be so big
  7. Paid $963 for this barn door sliding. its very wide and tall. Slightly under 1.1m x 2.15m We did our 4 bedroom for $450+gst for the 3 bedroom & 1 toilet sorry for the delay, we got the doors done. this is from living to bedroom, bedrrom doors same design.
  8. Hi GridAndChisel, we are buying bits and piece here and there. have not really completed the shopping yet. Do you have a website? can u PM me you links. so far i have only ordered some furniture and electronics from Courts. We gotten the contact from another Thread but we did have finalise the barn door yet. The Qoute says from$750 for sliding and $450 for bedroom normal swing door. Some how our door is slightly wider than normal cos new BTO is wheel chair friendly, thus need to add around $50 to $100 per door for width extension. the guys car coming to our place for measurement after we finish laying our tiles. Keep u guys posted. for those who PM about the barn doors. im using contatdecor https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.812531715450295.1073741830.141906625846144&type=3
  9. Thanks Ejzoen, you found the similar coffee table! the skiny legs are very nice and scandi! Where is this shop btw? also love the idea that the lamps wires are dropping around nicely! would go with something like this.
  10. More cool images from the web! love the wore off wood door and floors. if only we have a sink facing this direction i will hack it! love the simple colors of wood white with a bit black and pop of blue! nice!!
  11. had a good laugh with the mean comments from the link.. loving the high school bitchy comments on interior decor!
  12. JB is not cheap and deisgns very out dated.
  13. should buy on your own. cos contractors usually bring you to those shops that are very outdated one. we source our lamps from Likelights and even got our dining lamps customised. the boss Jonas is quite nice guy and gave good consultation.
  14. to start the discussion. We are not engaging any ID, and will be mostly buying loose furniture and accessories and Hire a contractor to Hack the kitchen wall and some build in wardrobe. So we are really planning to built our house base on this picture [from above] Color theme : White, Wood, Grey, Black trims Here are more photos we found online when we google Scandinavian Industrail Loving the white textures and the stripe effect from wall ceiling and floor. Unrealisticly spacious but the color is nice!! Love the simplicity! Do you think our HDB is around this size or smaller?