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  1. Hi green. Regarding bank loan.. There are basically two types. Fixed rate n floating rate. U can try using smartloan.sg to find out more.
  2. Pls PM the tiler contact to me. Tks/

  3. hihi ...... just wanna clarify on this .... 3 items meaning to say that you don't even have to dismantle la.... they just take 3 whole pieces away is it ?
  4. i think u sway la ... but honesty... maybe u should ask for a generous discount and forget about it ... reason being that they don't earn much from this project and if they were to recifty, might end up losing $$$. i know it's their fault and not yours .... but then again, people need to buy milk for baby... maybe i too kind hearted.. haha
  5. Wah...... i think disposal of kit cab and making new ones alone could easily cost u more than 2.5k already ...
  6. yes... hdb permit is free .... and the applicant must be a hdb licenced contractor .... the reason why your contractor is charging u a fee could be that he is not hdb licenced and is getting someone else to apply instead... therefore he needs to pay that guy ... or he just want to earn more.. haulage fee i don't know ... cheers
  7. omg .... i thought the deposit should be forfeited due to breach of clause ? Or the 2 tattooed guys pressured u into refunding them ? the 2nd name sounds funny ..... cheng - chng
  8. ya... exactly .... u know what you are paying for .... but ... end up you don't know what u r paying for ..
  9. Hi lovegreeneumma ......... ftwm = full time ______ ______?
  10. maybe u r right .... but i feel that as a boss with a biz sense .. it's only normal that they request for maybe about $500 payment before they show u the 3d design if they are going to fork out maybe $300 to get the drawings ... and if he has got an in-house fellow drawing a fixed pay.... he might as well fully utilised his staff and provide a better service for not charging the 3D. Just my opinion...
  11. HI, i have pm-ed you ... please clear your doubts with him ...
  12. Hi Summerr, some companies do charge for design fee while some don't .......... 1) Those who charged - they do not have any in-house drafter and therefore they need to find freelance 3d max user to draft for them, therefore extra cost to them 2) Those who provide free 3D drawings - they have got in house drafter/ ID to do up the drawings, since the in-house fellow is drawing a fixed pay, they would like to make use of it and provide a good service to clients
  13. hmmm.... never heard of ..... but sounds interesting. maybe u can hack part of the wall and install small windows ?
  14. ya.... about 1 month before hand would be good.... cos some tenants wants cannot wait for too long too ... so no point u do it too early ..
  15. good luck and hope everything runs smoothly for you ..