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  1. How long have you been using the De Dietrich hob and oven? This brand is considered top of the line... can't believe it!
  2. Hi, do you fertilise the pearl grass? I had the same patchy problem initially with some areas going bald. I tried a few different fertiliser before i found the right one which seems to encourage growth.
  3. where can i get it fabricated? any estimated cost? i'm looking at a small awning for the windows, around 1.5m length.
  4. Any idea where to get metal brackets for outdoor awnings? Looking for a small one to DIY awning for windows. What material do the brackets usually comes in... aluminium, mild steel? And what is the estimated cost?
  5. Yes, please share with me his contact and how much did it cost you. Is it a one time treatment or a package? PM me if not convenient to post here. Thanks.
  6. Hi, did you manage to purchase the Solignum anti-treatment? Where and how much did it cost? Sent you a PM. PM me if it's not convenient to post here.
  7. Hi ynwa88, where did you get the light from? it looks like it has 3 lights that can be angled. how much did it cost?
  8. Has anybody here engaged the services of Sin Yah for aluminium works before? If yes, please advise on their service standard & workmanship. Thank you.
  9. In general all need butter. Honey is only applied halfway through as it turns black easily, usually on chicken and meat depending on preferences. I love sweet corns, but potatoes are too filling thus not popular. Can also try portobello mushrooms, marshmallows, cuttlefish and even crayfish.
  10. better to have dry lay. you will appreciate the importance of dry lay once you go through it. would say it's money well spent. most marbles on sale are excess stocks or project rejects. seen some marbles from polybuiliding but there was alot of marble pieces with chips. the sales there told me cannot guarantee got no chips ones... so decided to skip this risky deal. for bathrooms, will need to keep it dry else marble will absord the moisture and darken over time. personal opinion, think 300x300mm marble too small. for living, go for at least 600x600mm if your budget permits. a friend did small pieces of marbles and totally regret it.
  11. saw it at nan wah. address: 4 Changi South Lane, 7th Floor, Nan Wah Building (near to Tanah Merah mrt)
  12. Hi Noko, the issue bothering me is meant for the catalytic oven as the oil is absorbed into the panels. For myself, I would settle for prolytic oven albeit the higher price tag. What do you mean by 2 compressors? Or do you mean isolators? My higher AMP wires for oven is run directly from the mains. And there are separate isolators for each of the aircon compressors. If you have noticed, the built-in ovens will already have ventilation outlets catered for in the built-in cabinets. The positioning of oven next to the fridge is a common setup in western kitchens, so I guess should be ok. Except that the fridge would have to work harder to maintain its cool temperature when the external temperature rise.
  13. thanks for the frank opinion, will take that into consideration. still deliberating over it as i usually see it in commercial buildings but rarely in homes. was thinking if this is a good alternative to wall paper.