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  1. Quote for : Mitsubishi Starmex inverter system 4 (9K BTU x 3 + 24K BTU) MXY4A28/MSYGE10/MSYGE10/MSYGE10/MSYGE24
  2. Ok. checked hdb list of registered contractors and ky is not one of them. They probably have another company that is registered with HDB. (Check with them to see if you can have GST removed and sign with the other company; provided the other company is not gst registered.)
  3. Don't go to CASE. Go to the small claims directly.
  4. If the location suits your family and is purely looking for a place over your head then it should be alright. Gotta think twice if you plan to resell.
  5. It is best to check if the product has international warranty and if the local dist will cover it.
  6. Yes, it can however traditionally non-citizens will incur higher % rate + lower loan value ratio to his salary due to a higher default risk. Not sure about the market now.
  7. Their 'project managers' all seem very nice. One of them told me the new ones will be monitored by a senior. Doesn't give me much comfort.
  8. 80 years left on a 99 lease. Sounds like the next round (estimated every 5 yrs) of exterior painting is coming (another lump sum out of the pocket if the sinking fund is not enough)
  9. Becareful of the smaller cluster houses with pools. The monthly maintance can be quite high compared to condos. I personally wouldn't consider it but everyone situation differ. If you can afford it and fits your purpose then go ahead.
  10. Yika

    Kompacplus Top

    Also not sure. Probably contractors getting in bulk from them will get special rates. but 20 pfr difference is ALOT.
  11. It will defer as everyone's financial situation and risk appetite is different. If you are very risk averse, just pay up lump sum. Willing to take more risk ? Just pay up the min required (CPF wipe off) and invest your cash in other vehicles - Equities etc Or calculate a balance between the 2 and pay up lump sums of more than 5K every 3-6 months to decrease the loan taken (pay less interest over the loan tenure)