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  1. I am using Fujioh FX900, but never use 800MK2 before....so cannot feedback on their comparision. But as for FX900, i have been using for the past 3 months, so far so good. Ease of maintenance and reasonable suction power. But this differs to different users and lifestyle.....so please take my comments with a pinch of salt.
  2. U might as well change ur affected furniture, tink it is more worth it.Plus, chances that the BB will not come.
  3. I dont find it practical to have a vanity in the toilet. When u need to wash e toilet, u need to be very careful in order to avoid any water contact with the vanity. In e long run, the vanity will not last. I feel that even i have a ventilation fan shower screen, having a vanity will not be able to last long.... That my own opinion...
  4. Just a word of caution for u, I have a bad experience with Univonna products....check ur furniture very very carefully before u accept the goods.. Coz that time when they deliver the sofa to me, one of the leg is missing, and I still need to tell them. Plus the condition of the TV console have turn yellowish... What the reason they gave me??? Coz all their furniture is all wrap up, so they din bother to check and juz off it goes. So I am wondering what is their QA manager is doing all this while??? I wont be returning to Univonna again in my life....ever.
  5. I saw some nice lampshades in a shop in Great World City called "IWANAGOHOME"...it is a shop selling home lifestyle products. But too sure if u can find the color u wan.
  6. from the way u stated, u need a min of 35K.... dun forget the electricity. Plus the quality of ur tiles make a difference to the overall price.
  7. I feel that different user perceive different needs, thus if TS think that soundbar is sufficent and sound good to his ear, that would be justifiable for him to get a soundbar. Of course, the $$ and asethetics factor play a huge role is deciding our needs...
  8. Set a budget and play around with it. Get IDs or contractor who can help you to save money one.
  9. Yes, it all depends on how you manage your budget with your id or contractor. I spent near to 25K on my 4A flat, which includes hacking of kitchen and 2 toilet tiles, tiling, painting, electrical works, mbr carpentry, kitchen carpentry!!!
  10. Hi Star888, too lazy to take pictures and upload it online leh. But, let me try my best to share some pictures with you. Just paid Darren of Plush Living the final payment for my renovation. And Darren have also offered me some tips and ideas to decor the house. Will take some nice pictures when I am more settled in my new place.
  11. They have do a 1-1 exchange for me. But feel that their quality is inferior and workmanship is not as good as I think (showroom furniture may be even better than my at home). Guarantee I will go back there again in my whole life. I promise!!!
  12. U might wan to call him instead....yes, he is really busy. But which good/well-known IDs is not busy one, right?
  13. Not too sure about the other IDs in Plush Living. But u cfm wont go wrong with Darren coz he is the Boss of Plush Living.
  14. we got ours from sim siang choon. simple & nice.. about $20+ each.
  15. Please dun do that....as after 1-2 years time, there will be new and nicer design coming up. Moreover, you are still unsure what kinda of design that you wan for your house. Moreover, u will not know if the shop will go bursted!!!