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  1. $100 Slumberland pocketed spring mattress used 4yrs & want to let go as now chg king size bed. Good condition as I use water proof mattress protector. Pls arrange own manpower & transport. Interested pls sms 97471856. Thks.
  2. I took a bridging loan before cos I buy my hse before I sell. If your bridging loan and bank loan from same bank, the bridging loan refund to the bank from cpf will be handled by the same lawyer. Did the lawyer ask you to fill in a form call HBL/4? This is the form which you will authorise CPF to release the funds to the bank to return the bridging loan. You should look through the bridging loan conditions in the loan agreement. If you have fullfill all the conditions (usually sell your hse above certain amt), then call the bank officer which process the bridging loan agreement for you and also lawyer to confirm. I think few days after the cpf has been refunded to your cpf account, you will receive the letter from lawyer to cpf board, attached with HBL/4 asking cpf board to refund the cpf to the bank to repay bridging loan. The lawyer usually need to give cpf board near to 3 weeks to complete the refund. Hope this helps.
  3. It will look nice like hotel kitchen but just need to be diligent cos the water mark will look really bad if not clean regularly.
  4. Buyer can apply for new account with SP Services cos the person who apply need not be owner. It can be anyone or the tenant. I applied with SP services one day before completion. SP Services inform you do not need to submit any letter, just need to bring a copy of I/c. They will send an sms to the current owner that their account has been terminated and they are suppose to response if they object.
  5. I took bank loan and can pay COV on or before day of completion but you have to purchase cashier order in the name of the seller on or before completion date. You can pass to the lawyer on or before completion date. The lawyer will check that the spelling and amt in the cashier order is correct when they accept from you. For agent fee, I think need to pay after completion if there is nothing else that you need the agent to do. I negotiated with agent to pay one month later and he agreed.
  6. I will take some loan and go for freehold landed at a convenient location. For condo, it is very pricey as you need to share the strata title with many pple.
  7. Hi All, I heard from one of my girl friend that she bought furnitures like sofa, tv console, coffee table and dining table set etc. Suppose to deliver in Sep 2009 but delayed to Oct 2009. On date of delivery, only dining table came. She waited another 2 months and some other items came but not all. FC asked her for payment. She demand for discount as she waited for so long and house warming was cancelled due to missing furnitures. FC refused and claim against my friend at small claim. Both parties went to court and apparently the representer from FC seems quite experience maybe due to the numerous visits to FC. My friend ultimately got a discount. The problem is that FC promise that they can deliver the good. Imagine you stay inside the unit and some furnitures are not in yet. You paid 50% deposit and the shop refuse to let you cancel the order...stuck!!
  8. I also scared so put aside buffer in CPF. Took higher bank loan for my HDB and balance from sales of previous flat goes back to CPF. Bank loan interest expense rate also lower than CPF interest income rate, so leave more inside CPF is better than paying down more.
  9. Hmm, I chose matt light grey for kitchen and darker grey for toilet...not sure whether maintenance difficult or not. Agree that tiles look different when they are displayed and when they are on the floor.
  10. Correct. You cannot rend out the unit cos there is MOP and now rental need to apply/inform to HDB...so must insist on cash only.
  11. Ya lor, difficult to repay in 5 years. I personally will use CPF for HDB. Save cash for downpayment for pte 5 years later. For pte, If I am going to stay in pte and rent out hdb, then use additional cash to repay pte. If I am going to rent out pte and stay in hdb, then use additional cash to repay HDB or for other investment. The reason is that for property with rental income, it is preferred that there is more interest expense for tax deuctible purpose but it also depends on the interest rate for your hdb and pte. Currently interest rate for pte is low and HDB higher so better repay HDB loan....need to reassess after 5 years.
  12. Ya I heard the whiter tiles are more expensive. You have very nice contrast for the tiles chosen. Now I am set on glossy for living and matt for kitchen. Like your kitchen door open concept. I think I will ask for wooden skirting too.
  13. I think should buy HDB first and save enough money to buy pte at good location 5 years later.
  14. I thought should install everything and painting is the last? If you paint those parts that are covered by cabinet, then it is still not nice if you remove these cabinet one day cos these cabinet will leave mark on those walls....just my opinion.