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  1. Similar to the problem I had encountered since I moved to a 20+ years condo about 3 years ago. When I decided to change my conceal pipe due to hacking of toilet tiles, we realised that there is water leakage from the existing pipe. How old is your terrace house?
  2. Any conceal work? If so, seems reasonable to me. My DB 2 pole 63AMP (single phrase) 36 way itself already cost $650. How much is yours?
  3. Care to share what went wrong with your Panasonic aircon? So what's the model?
  4. Just to share how I feel about Aron's service. His willingness to understand my requirement and patience to answer to all my queries has prompted me to go with them. His installation team lead by Ah boon will carry out the first installation at my humble dairy farm condo today. I'll post additional comments once the installation is completed. Cheers! Rgds, -
  5. oh, but you have to tell us what electrical equipment/applicance you are using. It matters if you are running an oven or a normal fan...
  6. Socket for which electrical appliances? Do check out its power rating and wiring... If the appliance is drawing high current through any thinny wiring, it may generate undesirable heat tha potentially cause fire.
  7. My aunt used to live in a small condo unit and several of her furnitures had to be custom built due to space constraint. I would suggest that you first discuss with id on space planning and your preferred theme before looking furnitures. Hope this helps.
  8. Urgently looking for an electrician too. Pl PM me the contact. Thanks.
  9. Based on Aron's quote, the pricing for Panasonic and Mitsubshi electric inverter sys-3 are rather similar. So which brand should I choose? Pl advise.
  10. I have done up all my bedrooms with double glazed windows. Unfortunately, it doesn't block the noise coming from the fast and furious motorcycle It is rather irritating esp at night. Bear in mind that windows will be heavy. As such, the installer must ensure that it is installed in parallel against the ground level if possible. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to close it moving forward.
  11. At present, all wiring are concealed in the condo. Main tasks are to relocate my aircon points and replace my DB. You're right that ID will give a lump sum fir concealment works which I dont feel comfortable at all. In any case, I'll try to get a few more quotes for comparison. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hi, I just received the pricing from your electrician. All wire concealed.. Install down Lighting point - $45 Install light - $10 Install ceiling lighting point - $90 13A single power point -$75 13A double power point - $85 Heater power point - $150 AC point -$250 Cooker hood - $70 Cooker hob -$70 Oven point - $70 63A DB - $800 SCV point - $135 Tel point - $80 What a great diff for AC point and DB in price as compared to yours!!!
  13. Hi there, I wonder if anyone of our RT forumers has bought something from the online store below. If so, please can you share me about your buying experience and the product quality. Appreciate your time to respond. Thank you. http://www.bathrooms.sg/index.php/product/index/151 Rgds, Suver
  14. Hi all, I was quoted $400 for shifting exising DB box to new location within 5m distance. Is the cost reasonable? Pl advise. Thanks. Rgds, B
  15. Disconnect the ground wire from your oven plug. Heat up your oven and don't touch it. Next, use a test pen to check if there is any current leakage from your oven. If no, leave the oven heat up for 10min to remove the moisture inside. Then reconnect the ground wire back. And test your oven again. I saw what my electrician did. But oven tripped again for not using it regularly. So I did what I have learnt. If there is any current leakage, please ask for oven service and support.