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  1. Hi, Need some advise, anyone has reupholster the Calypso, if so mind sharing how much and where you reholster? Thank you in advance Best Regards Kelvin
  2. Hi Please let me know the price and where to get it if you found it anywhere cheaper Thanks
  3. Hi wireless Can pm me the contact details of the curtain guy in JB? Thanks
  4. Hi Jadens28 can i have your contractor's numbers please? Thanks! May I know whether the standard height of the shower screen is 1.8m, are there higher one available?
  5. Hi, can PM me Mr Chew's contacts as well. Thanks!!!
  6. Hi, can PM me Mr Chew's contacts as well. Thanks!!!
  7. Hi Need some advice, my ID told me that have to insert metal support structure between the beam and the door frame, however it will shorten the height by around 10cm which we find that it make the look too short Do you have such a problem too? does anyone installed the door frame without the metal structure? Many Thanks
  8. Hi May I know whether anyone bought lights in jb? Are there certify to be used in Singapore? Thanks
  9. Hi We are currently in the midst of our renovation and have some queries. Do people put tiles behind fridge or just leave it bare without any plastering? how about for the portion of the hob and hood where there will be a glass backing on the wall? do people put tiles on it too? Many thanks for your advise
  10. Hi Terry I like Bosh appliances and thinking of buying it for the kitchen. Just want to check with you on the below item, appreciate your feedback FRIDGE KAD-62S20 , have not seen any reviews on it , how does it compared to samsung , LG, Hitachi, electrolux in terms of electricity consumption, maintanence and durability. I also have found any review on Bosh hob n hood, common ones are fujioh , rinnai, turbo, techno..etc how does it compared to them? are they suitable for asian cooking? HOOD DHI922GSG DOMINO GAS HOB PCH-345DEU DOMINO CERAMIC HOB PKC-345EGB Looking forward to your reply Thanks
  11. Hi I'm not too sure as the contractor give as one lump sum and do not give me the breakdown. I have send the same specs to another website and they quote me $3500
  12. Hi Can someone advise whether the below quote is expensive? 1) 1 x DB Box 2) 40 x light point 3) 25 x power point 4) 4 x scv point 5) 4 x phone point 6) 2 x water heater point 7) 1 x aircon point 8) 1 lot of installation of light fitting ID quoted a lump sum of $4700 Thanks
  13. Hi can anyone PM Aaron number to me? Thanks
  14. Hi Het my blk is 120, was looking for units in 108B but it was out of our budget haha so where u currently stayin?
  15. Hi Hyacinth266 Good luck to your search ur new place in McNair?