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  1. Hi Ivy, Can PM me a list too? Thanx....
  2. Hi I refer to the research in the Reputation of the shop ; Consumer feedback , Quality of service . Then you expect the consumer to spend tons of cash to "do many experiments by trial and error methodology " ? = )
  3. You can pick up some Fengshui books in stores . Some expert take readings : From the building orientation From the building main door From the individual unit orientation From the individual unit main door .
  4. Why do you need a " Bagua " ?
  5. It is best to do your research before approaching any of those . There are plenty of discussions in the forum . Do check it out !!! Regards ,
  6. Hi Hope this web page help you clear your doubt . "Da yuan" translate to luck pillar . It tell you , your luck in the stated period . Regards ,
  7. Hi I am not a expert . Dragon is an auspicious Figure . Many advised Dragon Figure to place in Living room , Hall , Foyer . Regards, Happy New Year .
  8. Hi Since you have engaged a professional service . You should consult with your Geomancer . Most people leave their stuff behind . Some threw it away . For Deity Figures , Some will send to the temples . Regards ,
  9. get a home content insurance on top of your existing fire insurance...
  10. They can be protruding sectors and missing sectors of the house.
  11. 1. Bed shouldnt face what direction etc, what shouldnt face what? BED SHOULDN'T face your worst direction. 2. How do i knw the N S E W of my hse based on the floor plan, what do i need to knw in order to know? You should use a compass and measure the direction from your house. 3. How to know where is the wu huang area in my house? cannot put earth colour to activate the wu huang? Can share more details on wu huang? Extract from wofs.com hope this help you "The Five Yellow is also known as Wu Wang in Chinese. In feng shui circles, it is considered a very harmful affliction that can cause extreme damage to a family or company directly hit by it. The Five Yellow is an earth element affliction. It brings severe illness, financial loss, and obstacles to success. It is also known to cause hostility. The Five Yellow is the number five of the annual and monthly flying star charts. It is easy to locate in any flying star chart be it a period chart, an annual or monthly chart. The Five Yellow occupies 45 degrees of the compass. However, it can also appear in the Flying Star natal chart of the home or building. Here it can appear as either a mountain star 5 or a water star 5." regards,
  12. Fan is definitely good for circulating QI flows in the house. Hence design of the fan doesn't matter.
  13. Water paintings may not replace water feature. However water painting suggested Yang water vibrant energy. It is best place in living room.where water element is needed.Avoid placing the paintings facing the entrance.It signified "water flow out from the house" . regards, Happy Fengshuing
  14. Moving water Feature are not advisable to placed in Bedroom.Unless recommend by Shifu. In Fengshui there is this saying "水也是双刃剑,如用之不当,不但不能旺财,而且会损财损丁"