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  1. ok, the fiancee (me!) is back!!!! my current house has a bathtub and it is not utilised cos my parents dunno how to maintain it and the tub is like 20 yrs old!!!! but it is still clean, thanks to my mum! juz dat, we do not know where the tub's plug is and we dun have hot water, so no point having a tub. anyway, dat old tub of mine is about 1300mm in length. currently looking for a tub of dat length for my new house but it seems difficult to find one. Sim Siang Choon sales guy said that there is one dat is 1220mm (Trojan Kent model) but that is too tiny! Anyone noes where I can get a wide variety of tubs? Or seen any that is pretty short? Right now, I feel like moving my current bathtub to my new house.
  2. hi ben, got catalogue and pricing for ur wholesale contact in china? can PM me the details. thanks
  3. sorry for not updating much. been bz lately... anyways, does anyone know where can i get those massage stones like in hdb common area?
  4. are u salesman from picket and rail? saw exact same furniture at their website.
  5. im looking for electrician? anyone got lobang to recommend. do PM me. Thanks
  6. Hi, I'll be doing my reno works with Kevin from Ideal house. No updates yet on my t-blog. Do check it out soon.
  7. yeah.. bathtub needs to be utilised. must get back the ROI. haha.
  8. hi, can PM aron's contact? does his company allow to pay by installment?
  9. thank bangbang. targeted to start reno on childrens's day. haha
  10. went to ikea to look at their PAX wardrobe. very good indeed. one thing i like about ikea is their modular concept. u can buy a few now, get some later and it doesnt look out of place. everything blends in well. but then, for our WIW, if we take ikea, there is an unsightly beam that cant be covered and we have to get a lower cupboard height just to fit them in. so see how lor whether we want to get ikea or not for WIW.
  11. hi, rewiring my whole house. can anybody PM me any electrician that's recommended? very much appreciated. thanks
  12. hi. just got my house keys and realise that i have to rewire whole house coz im plastering over the walls and ceilings. so sad coz the house has already alot of electrical points.... nevertheless, can anyone PM me an electrician to recommend. Those mentioned names in this topic and those not are also welcome. Thanks!
  13. Wanted to upload pictures of the toilets but they r kinda disgusting. Dunno how the previous owner can live in such condition but the walls an ceilings of teh toilets are in good condition. (thank goodness!) but the ID suspects that there is a leakage from the floor above us cos some parts of the ceiling paint are peeling. We are still considering if we should cover the huge pipes in the toilet. My fiance doesn't mind but I find it unsightly.
  14. This is the master bedrm. You can see that there are many aircon trunking. We told the ID that we do not want to see many of it in our master bedrm but maybe more in the walk-in wardrobe/dressing room as we dun go into that room often. The toilet sink will be outside the toilet, beside the window. We intend to extend the bathroom area and have a closed area where we can change our clothes. We are also thinking of putting bath tub in the toilet but our ID said we will rarely use the bath tub BUT i feel that with my current job, i m always under lots of stress. so a nice, warm bath would be nice. This will be our walk-in wardrobe cum dressing room. We intend to have a 'shop' feeling where my shoes and bags will be displayed and there would be a settee in the middle of the room plus chandelier. Juz an idea... not sure whether we haf the budget. hehe... This will be our working room (dun really wanna call it study room as we r no longer studying )
  15. WE GOT OUR KEYS!!!! And we kinda have decided on the ID that we wanna use but will not reveal which company it is until we have signed on the dotted line. After getting our keys, we immediately made a trip to our new flat because we have never seen the flat empty. During our past visits, the flat is cluttered with LOTSA stuffs. The previous owner even had to hire TWO VERY HUGE and VERY LONG lorries to move his things. SO, here are the pics of our flat! This is the kitchen. We intend to hack the roman pillars and rebuild the walls and install glass panel and glass door. This is the living room. The place where the pipe is used to be a balcony. We intend to reconstruct the balcony and have glass panels and doors from one end to another. That would be about 18ft of glass or 6 3ft-panels. *faints* This is the view of the living rm from the balcony's perspective. Will hack the roman pillars and arch. Will hack the walls of the room on the right (previously used as study room) to become part of the living/dining area.
  16. hi. very good initiative. are u doing for the security film? this one we order we apply ourselves ah?
  17. hi marshmallow, how much did it cost for ur glass panel and sliding doors?
  18. hi there, nice taps and sinks.. care to share with me the pricing? im looking for those items as well..
  19. hi all, any recommendation on pergo contacts or other laminate brands that you can share? pls pm me k. thanks
  20. Just an update: Got reply quotations from Basic Image, Ideal House ID. Still waiting for Ban Yew and Flying Ideas. So far seems alright.
  21. hi, comparing pergo to quickstep, which is better value for money? any contacts for pergo to share.
  22. hi matashi. virbrant colors for ur house. nice. anyways how much u spent for the reno? im doing something similar for my EA and would like to hav an estimate. thanks