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  1. Don't use acid if you're not familiar with it's use. Asides from the safety issue, if not at the right concentration it will cause ugly discoloration which can't be cleaned.
  2. Times have changed. It's common for owners to engage IDs to design the decor and have custom made furniture, feature walls etc. For this category of owners are unlikely to go for DIY. Also now owners are more busy etc. The question is which commodity you have more of time or money?
  3. Suggest you have it relocated by your electrical contractor as you have to pay regardless who does it and you won't have to wait. I've the opposite problem, seller of my flat didn't install open net as a partition wall was installed. I don't know how to solve it. Will start figuring it out after moving in.
  4. hAPPy889

    Opinion Needed

    So long as it's functional and it blends in with the decor than it's a matter of taste which is subjective. You don't like it?
  5. Why don't you post photos of the damage? Can't imagine the extent of the problem.
  6. Any space at the fold to push in a slim metallic plate/card to dislodge the latch?
  7. No. It should be without obligation. Have you chose the material for your curtains yet?
  8. Perhaps it's not the toilet bowl but a leak in the sewerage pipes? Not an expert just a wild guess.
  9. Perhaps can use old bed sheets or giant plastic sheets to cover the floor. Prevents a lot of mess and tracking of footprints in the rooms.
  10. Jimmy Textiles at Tanjong Katong make custom seat covers. I'm considering getting them to make new seat covers for my rosewood dining set.
  11. Call NTUC Home Services at 6788 8788 and ask them to recommend a contractor.
  12. Visited the Hupfarri showroom couple of days ago. Quite like the Rinnai tempered glass hob. There's lifetime warranty for the glass top. Looks nice and maintenance looks relatively easy. The model is unique in that of the burners is set aside from the other 2 to accomodate the bigger space needed by a wok. This allows all the burners to be used simultaneously.
  13. Can you post picture and did you contact Casa Italy about it?
  14. Ordered from the Paya Lebar with delivery in July. Do you really like the design of the set? If you do I believe they can hold. I asked them to hold for 2 months. Their request is to give them a one month notice ahead of the delivery date I wanted.