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  1. hi.. i read from your previous posts that u bought maxcoil posturecare jewel mattress. Can i find out from you how much did u buy it then?


  2. Hi collin, can u pm me the price of the round light PA-2C and the 7w square lights? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, noob here but would like to ask, how many watts should I be looking at for one led downlighting? I wanted to install the 2x14w plc downlights but was thinking of changing to the led. So the question is, if I need the same brightness of 2x14w, does it means I need to get a 28w led light? Will a 12 or 13 watt suffice? Saw some shop selling those round type led. But I presume it's those strip internally as I cannot see the individual bulb. Are they bright enough ? Thanks!
  4. hi, i tihnk its very subjective. Morel speakers has been ard for sometimes and they are pretty good. I feel there's alot of good brands out there. like seas lotus, focal, dynaudio and alot more ex brands. so, my question to u is, what are u comparing with? Do u like the speaker because of the design? or really the sound? lastly, whats the budget you are looking at?
  5. Hi there, I've bought 2 mattress from maxcoil, personally, the experience for my 1st mattress that arrived is very good. Bed and Bed frame came in very good condition, installers are friendly too. Model i bought is called causeway. Personally, i like the level of comfort and also the price.Cos i want to get a cheap model to last me for the next few months for my wedding before i moved out. Got it from ExPO fair. I ordered another model called the posturecare jewel too. not delievered yet as its suppose to be for my new house. As for this model, I tried it in expo furniture fair.I find that it is really comparable to those expensive brand high range products. but most imptly i like the feel of it when i slept on it. Have tried simmons, and serta,Englander and some other brands. the feeling i got from the maxcoil i bought is pretty close to those of ard 4 or 5k and above.(of cos there are more than 10k worth of mattress, but seriously, i didn't try that before so for me, i felt any price of ard 4 or 5k and above is good) however, like i said , its really subjective. Cos my mum tried on it and she doesn't like the latex softness..she prefer something harder. end up she bought herself another brand. conclusion, i find that maxcoil is pretty value for money comparing to those brands who always advertise. 2nd, I didn;t know this until i went to the expo fair. those models that courts are selling or some other furniture shop are selling are very diff from the one in the fair. the fair sells similar but better products as they cannot sell the same model to courts or other furniture shop due to the conflict of interest.(I did went to courts to verify cos i'm afraid i was conned. but i found that the most ex model in court is not really as fantastic as the one being sold in the fair.) Do look for carol if you happen to go to the any expo fair, she provides good service and can explain very well. *ps i'm not related to any shops or maxcoil or carol. the above are my 2cents of comments. purely based on a consumer point of view.
  6. hi, maybe the current set u have ordered will not be that bad? maybe its by batches? new batches maybe better? hopefully.
  7. hi, i don' tihnk 10 yrs ago, this was an in thing yet.. maybe 5?
  8. I rem I heard from my fren dealing with furnitures stuffs saying that this type of finishing can last long and will not turn yellow, but some laminates like those older type will. Think if u have frens who still have old type of kitchen cabinet, then maybe it will starts to turn yellow. For the shop that u mentioned, can't help much, cos never try buying from them.
  9. Hi, I would like to ask, how much and where u got the TV console from?? thanks!
  10. hi, has anyone tried the maxcoil mattress? I found out that the comments and thread on this brand is not much talk abt. most ppl talk abt the branded ones. but i went and test the mattress in the expo fair and talk to the sales staffs there. friendly staffs they have. I tried the posture care jewel model and thought it felt very comfy as compared to some other branded ones of the same price range. For me to get the feel, i gotta pay alot more for other brands and after some consideration, i went bk on the following week to place a deposit. Just sharing and maybe u guys can keep yr options open.
  11. y not try logging on to www.arofanatics.com they have ppl to customise for u..and wide range of shop owners for u to choose too
  12. Sorry, but wanted to pm u my floor plan, but don't know how to attached as i do not have online website to load my pic in.. can i send to yr email instead? thanks!
  13. Hi tiler Seng, I would like to ask how much roughly would it cost to do the below mention for my new 4 rm premium HDB. 1)Hacking of living room tiles only and retile with homogenous tiles 2)false ceiling from living room to MBR. 3)MBR full height L shaped wardrobe. 4)small side dressing table 5)BR1 full height wardrobe. 6)Spraying of those coats at the kitchen and both toilets floors. 7)window grilles for all 3 bedrooms and living room 8)tv console 9)fixture walls to cover bomb shelter 10)tempered glass for kitch wall and door 11)a small display cabinet for my muscial instruments to be placed in BR2 12)both toilets shower screen 13)both toilets vanity shelves 14)Granite top for kitchen top and install kitchen cabinet Btw, are u a contractor? or an ID? if you are a contractor that means you do not do designed i presume?
  14. Hi isiah, can i have the contractors or ID firm and number as well? thanks!