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  1. Moving out of my current place and going to let go a few pieces of designer furniture.All items must go before 30 Nov, Sunday. Items are all in very good condition. 1. Merano Chair x 2 - $380 each, take both for $700 (retail $520) http://grafunkt.com/products/merano-chair/2. Tip dining table natural oak (L160 x D90 x H75) - $1,800 (retail $2,988) http://grafunkt.com/products/tip-dining-table/3. Mrs Robinson Sofa (L170 x D80 x H63) - $1,500 (retail $2450) http://grafunkt.com/products/mrs-robinson/ From ikea4. Expedit shelf (149 x 149cm) - $100 (retail $179)5. MALM dressing table (120 x 41cm) - $90 (retail $149) From Novena furnishing6. White gloss TV Console - $380 (retail $499) Able to fit a 55 inch tv shown here. From Space furnishing7. Kartell FLY lamp (white) - $280 (retail $321) From Lifestorey8. Kartell Ge lamp (black outer, gold interior) - $300 (retail $389) Sms me or whatsapp at 98339680. All items self collection only at River Valley road. Thanks.
  2. Hi fellow reno forumers, I am in search of a good ID. So far approached 2 IDs firms. 1. Story Of Us 2. Fuse Concept Anyone have any reviews or feedback on these 2 companies? So far, met them and gave them ideas and will be having a 2nd meeting to discuss about their proposal. I am still searching around, probably 1 or 2 more IDs before we decide. Any recommendations will be very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello! I am looking into renovating my new home and have shortlisted the following 3 ID firms: 1. Fuse Concept 2. Space Sense 3. Story of Us Has anyone engaged them before or somewhat worked with them? All reviews are welcome. Thanks guys! Cheers!
  4. Still available. Cash and carry. Relocating office, everything must go! Moving out by 11 August.
  5. Relocating office, everything must go! Moving out by 11 August. 1. White garden bird cage stands (total 5) - $10 each. 2. White bird cages (total 4) - $20 each. Cash and carry. 22 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City. Sms me at 8282 60fivefour for quick deal.
  6. Selling away a used Eames DAW replica chair in baby blue at $50. Good condition. 7 months old. Sms 9833 9680 to deal. Cash and carry, self collection at River Valley.
  7. used Ivar Ikea shelf, selling for $60. Mint condition. Cash and carry. Sms 9833 9680 to deal. Self collection at Sin Ming Lane, Midview City. Ikea selling $135. http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/S09896363/
  8. Selling away a used Eames DAW replica chair in baby blue at $65. Good condition. 6 months old. Sms 9833 9680 to deal. Cash and carry, self collection at River Valley.
  9. Selling away 10 shelves at $120. Selling as a whole set of 10. If you interested in buying individually, will be $20 each. Dimensions 40cm (L) X 80cm (h) X 30cm (w) Good for displaying toys, cds, dvds, bluray. Cash and carry, arrange for your own transport. Sms 9833 9680 to deal. Collection at Sin Ming Lane, Midview City.
  10. Would love to buy this chair but don't think I have enough space.
  11. Any idea or methods to get rid of dog's urine odors from carpet/rug? Have send the carpet for cleaning and washing but smell still remains. Even spray Febrezze on the carpet and sun it, still odors remains. Headache. Any suggestions or methods that work and cost effective? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello Fellow Renotalks forumers, I actually won a voucher from Muroformz, who does wallpaper for homes. So I am checking if anyone is planning to use wallpaper for their homes. And I am planning to sell the voucher for a small fee. The voucher can be exchange for ONE roll of Korean Wallcovering worth S$390. Excluding installation work, installing cost S$200+. Voucher is valid from 3 months from the date stated, which was 15 June 2012. So will expire in September. Wallpaper to be redeem at OM Liang court, they have many choices for you to choose from. I am letting go the voucher for $250. So if you are planning to use wallpaper for your reno. This will save u some cost for one roll. Really need to let this go as it is of no use to me at the moment. sms me 9833 9680 to deal. We can always meet at liang court to go directly to the shop and deal in case you want to be sure that the voucher can be redeem. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Kimo
  13. Maybe for home electrical work he can do. But for a office space, a big no no.

  14. You have experience with him before? I had a not so good experience with him.

  15. Think twice about asking Sebastian to do your home electrical. I have a not so pleasant experience dealing with him. Though his work is fast, but not so sure about his project management skills and time management. PM me if you need more detail about my bad experience. I do not wish to post it here. Thanks Cheers
  16. I have a little bad experience with him. not a big issue but the time lost can never be recover. No doubt he is fast with his work. But I feel he is lacking in the project management portion as they are many admin n paper work to do, which he lack the experience in that area. But overall, his electrical works are good and fast. No doubt about that. His work attitude is good, and understand what a client needs. So that area he is good. To be fair, he did the electrical works fast n good. No complains on that. But if you can tolerate constant reminders to him to do certain things, then go ahead.
  17. I'm looking for LED spotlights and LED tube lights. Anyone can help or point me to the right direction where to get quotes? Item Description 1. 6W or 9W LED spotlight (E27 or GU10) x 5 2. Track holder (black. E27 or GU10) x 5 3. Track line 1M length (black) + rod 1.5M (to hang down from ceiling)(black) x 2 4. LED tube (4 Feet) x 14 5. Double Ballast casing for LED tube (black) + rod 1.5M (to hang down from ceiling)(black) x 7 • For the LED lights, E27 or GU10? Which is more commonly use? Drop me a email red_rumik@yahoo.com or PM me. Thanks guys!
  18. You can try giving Aron from Imperial aircon a call for a quote. I recently got a quote and advice from him. Price wise reasonable. Honest dude. So fr my encounter with him have been positive. He will be able to advise you n do site visit first. Think he also does group buys of aircon, as they are one of the main suppliers of aircon.
  19. Got a quote from one of the electrician recommended here. I think some items are reasonable, some slightly on the high side. But overall good service and responsive from the service person.
  20. Got a quote from one of the electrician recommended here. I think some items are reasonable, some slightly on the high side. But overall good service and responsive from the service person. *Edit: Got my electrician to settle the quote and nego with him already. All set. So far so good. Will update once the works are done.
  21. Just a feedback for people who is calling Mr Keong for a quote for electrical work. I called him the first time for a rough quote and he was ok, giving me the price of each individual item on the phone. And I asked him for his email so that i can email him the actual requirements and specs needed. Waited 3 days for him to get back on the quote. Second time call him, ask when can get the quote and he said he went out too late last night and will give the quote by tomorrow, one day gone. So waited for another day, still no sign of quote. Called him third time, ask again, this time he said he forgot to bring laptop back home, so another day gone. Gave him the benefit of a doubt. Finally third day quote came in. Reasonable price, friendly dude, good advice. So decided to go with him, gave him a call in the morning to arrange to meet up the next day to discuss and finalize the quote. He was busy with another client, so he said he will call back. Waited whole day, no sign. Decided to call him at night and ask him if he is serious about taking up the job or not. He hung up my call, and subsequently calls, his phone was off. So I guess he wasn't hard up for jobs. Guess business very good recently. I decided not to pursue his service further. As I'm losing precious time chasing him every other day. The first few times, he was responsive, but after... not so. If you are in a hurry to get the job done, my advise is to look elsewhere. Very disappointed with his service even before doing anything. FYI, till now I have not heard from him. He didn't even bother to call back. Cheers
  22. Thanks for all the replies. Great help!
  23. Hi Renotalks forumers, Any idea how BTU are calculated? As I went to some website online with automated BTU calculator. The results of BTU needed was much lower than what the local air con companies mention. Just want to make sure I don't get con into installing extras units of air con unnecessary. Any advise? Thanks