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  1. Hello, I am searching for contractor for some renovation . Please do contact me. thanks!
  2. Hello , Selling , self collect please , Hougang area. Size about - L 1490mm , B 800mm , Ht 770mm https://picasaweb.google.com/118208651572485246541/DiningTableForSale?authkey=Gv1sRgCPzjhcjA85-pqwE#
  3. Hi Shine , I am also in the process of renovating my house. Did ask the management about PE too , I guess same , they ask me to consult a professional on the charges, spoke to my designer , pricing seems to be about SGD 450.00 and such , have yet to nego , still considereing if I am going to hack away the walls. Seems very troublesome ..
  4. After sales service . ..? Instinct ? Usually voice down to $$$ I feel.
  5. Hello , do you have Uncle Johnny number , can you sms me please.. Many Thanks - 96999558
  6. Quite agree with you. I have just sign with an ID today... he comes with a few years warranty on the products.. will try posting picture soon." Stress "
  7. Thank you very much.I am selling some fishes, by any chances you are a reefer ? Marine. Thanks

  8. Hi rickyyeo,

    the amount of boxes they loan depends on the size of your move. They deliver the boxes to me before the move to allow packing time. Very reliable and good service.

    Contact Person: Winson

    Contact Number: 92393240

  9. Hello, Can you advise me the contact please? Thank you
  10. Think will go down and have a look at some of the packages later. Hope not as bad.
  11. Hi , I am keen in the Panasonic inverter set and would also like to purchase one unit without inverter. Please pm so that I can contact you. Thank you.