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  1. Hi can send me the contractor contact to sunboi80@gmail.com?
  2. can i have the list too? send to sunboi80@gmail.com
  3. I want this Mr CHew's contact as well.. can fwd me the contact to cywl80@gmail.com?
  4. hi we thinking of changing to Honda City.. any1 here driving this car? any reviews/feedback?
  5. u can ask u for recommendations .. think he can help... ask the coy to deliver for u, then patrick will help u install... the hob and hood also must buy urselves and patrick will install for u'll
  6. banks just need a quotation with signature... Patrick will know... most banks can give u up to 3 cheques... if u wan more than that i think u gotta pay them some processing fee... i did the liasing myself... Maybank took nearly a week to approve my loan and issue me the cheque... After which i kept the cheques myself hehe until Patrick requested some payment frm me... which is when my renos are abt 70-80% completed... hehe
  7. Any1 bought the simmons maxipedic? we just bought one /w mem foam dunno good or not, but it feels good when we lie down at the shop lah... highly recommended by the boss, we feel beautyrest is too hard... it's continous spring not pocketed spring.. but anyway we dun feel the diff between pocketed spring and this continous spring sys, min disturbance ...
  8. Me 2... Aiming for their book shelves ($69 each) and study table... any reviews/comments?
  9. we did bargain lah... he revised his quote to about $500 less after we told him our budget.. but it still exceed our budget by quite a sum(cos we also add alot of things hehe).. his pricing is reasonable lah but not cheap... i can say
  10. dun wan to pay them? u not afraid they mess up ur house? hehe they have the tools u noe? no leh also never sign anything... no contract... bargain? u can ask and give patrick ur budget, and patrick will give u a revised quote he will inform u if that's the best he can give u already... and u can't bargain anymore...
  11. yes no need to sign any contract, and they dun pester u for payment also... u pay them when u feel like it... any amount(of cos not too ridiculous amt lah), any time... for me i paid them 40% when my renos is about 70% done, then another 40% when completed and the rest 3/4 mths after completion hehe...
  12. Just for info, Ho Bee does not charge GST haha... so i think the july GST increase also not much diff... hehe
  13. There is a stall at farmmart selling water features.. have u visited the place yet? they also have alot of nice nice water features, i think all cost less than $1188... u can ask them to customise to your need also...