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  1. For those interested: Just bought from Tampoi Lighting Centre KDK Sensa 4 K14Z9(K56VK) - RM488(S$200) KDK A11YS (M11SU) - RM340 ($139) Special thanks to yhliang for information provided to me previously.
  2. Thanks for your input... may pop by there to look around and see if things has changed since.
  3. Anyone here purchase or use any of their product recently? There is so many brands to choose from. Torn between full set of Fujioh(Hood and hob) + Bosch(oven + microwave) and other combination..
  4. Hi All, Anyone knows if installation of City Gas Water Heater in an HDB EM is possible? Kitchen on lower level and 2 bath rooms on the upp level. Thanks
  5. be it lamination or parquet flooring.. How should the material be laid? 1) Parallel(length wise) to the longest wall of your flat/room? or 2) Adjacent(width wise) to the longest wall of your flat/room? anybody?
  6. As the above subject. How do we find out if the existing tiles are overlaid(2nd layer) on top of the original tiles?
  7. Hi Potatoes, Was reading your t-blog because my wife and I had recently purchase a EM in the west with the exact same floor plan. Same like you, we paid a hefty COV to purchase the flat leaving us with very limited budget for renovation. Could you kindly PM me your ID/contractor's contact? Will be starting to reno in early June, is it too early to get quotes now? Thanks
  8. When should floor works(wet/dry) be done in this sequence?
  9. hi, got my new house renovated by a responsible contractor. Her name is Pearly 98422345 from Kai design. you can call her for those question you ask, she is quite helpful. most importantly the price is reasonable.

  10. Hi Guys, Have recently purchase a resale EM, some renovation needs to be done. Overall flat condition is OK, no leakage or other major issue. Lower level: Currently it has marble flooring with cove lighting. Would be keeping these to save cost on renovation. Repolishing of the floor will be done Ceiling will remain as it is, only need to add ceiling fan. Intend to hack away the left and right wall of the balcony and install slide+folding doors and overlay with new set of tiles. Kitchen will definitely have to be redone. Built in cabinets, kitchen top etc etc.. overlay of tiles in the kitchen(incl wet area) to save cost. Upp Level: All 3 bedrooms need to be renovated Whole of upper level including stair way to overlay with laminate Have intention to install cove lighting w/down lights and ceiling fan for all 3 rooms Only mater bedroom will have built in cabinet. Common toilet and MBR toilet needs to be redone 1) New WCs, toilet sinks, taps... etc etc.. 2) Overlay tiles 3) Carpentry to conceal pipes Whole house: 1) Relocation of exisiting power points + additional power points will have to be done for the whole flat. 2) Plastering and painting Would like to ask you guys for some information before i start shortlisting for contractors to reno the flat 1) How to calculate the floor area of the upp level including the whole stairway? 2) How much are lamination currently(commonly used brands) 3) How does it take to re polish flooring(marble) 4) Relocation of power points is cheaper then re-wiring of whole flat? 5) How long in advance do you ask for quotes? Thank you all in advance for the input.
  11. OK, understood. At least i know where the bar is when i get quotes from others... Thank you for the response.
  12. Bro Cleong, Can share the quote for works done by your contractor? email: ted_lim79@hotmail.com Thank you
  13. Hi care to share the quote for window grille? My little one is starting to climb on everything he sees.... Thanks